Supports & braces for kids

Orthopaedic supports and braces for kids are required to treat various injuries, speed up the healing process and offer pain relief. The medi Kidz Range offers the quality solution to your bracing and support requirements - designed with children in mind. The products in this section feature a comprehensive range of orthopaedic braces and supports with a young & fresh design that kids will be happy to wear, from wrist supports to knee braces, neck collars and arm slings.

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Kid's supports

medi’s range of paediatric supports have been specifically designed in collaboration with paediatric clinicians. These supports are to help with various physical injuries or conditions offering support to the arm, shoulder, clavicle and neck. You should always check with your paediatrician what the right support for your child and their condition would be. medi supports are used for a variety of indications, such as:

  • sprains
  • tendonitis
  • fractures
  • hypermobility

Braces for children

Braces for kids are used to immobilise the injured part of the body and keep it in a fixed position, so that it can heal correctly. medi’s range of paediatric braces have been specifically designed in collaboration with paediatric clinicians. These braces are made from breathable neoprene and are adjustable for optimal fit, offering warmth and support to relieve pain and enhance healing. Bright, fun colours will ensure that children will want to wear them.

In our shop, you can find different types of braces for kids:

  • ankle braces

  • knee braces and knee splints

  • elbow orthosis

These are meant to help with a variety of injuries and conditions, such as ligament and tendon injuries, dislocation and fractures. Your doctor will advise you on the best brace for your child's recovery.

Child-friendly design

The supports and braces for kids aren't just made in the appropriate sizes for children, they're also made to be visually more fun with colourful prints than the versions for adults. The braces and supports have adjustable straps that make them easy to put on and take off, so older kids can do it themselves. This way, they get to actively take part in the treatment of their injuries, giving them a sense of responsibility and agency.

Caring for child's braces and supports

Once the injury is stabilized with the brace or support and the pain is reduced, kids want to go back to playing and running around, as much as their condition allows. That means that their braces tend to get dirtier quicker than adult braces. If the braces have splints or otherwise rigid parts, they can usually be easily cleaned with a wet cloth and soap. Fabric supports can for the most part be machine-washed but be careful to check the washing instructions for your product before washing it.

If your child is going to be wearing a brace or support for an extended period of time, it might be helpful to get two, so that you can always have a clean one on hand and your child's injury is still supported while the other brace or support is being cleaned.

medi - Your expert for orthopaedic supports

The Germany company medi offer all types of braces and supports for children and adults. They are constructed based on expert medical knowledge. We constantly work to improve our products so that we can help our patients with their healing process as good as possible. Please always consult your doctor about which support or brace is right for you or your child. We're happy to answer any questions you might have about our products, so please don't hesitate to contact us!

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