Medical compression garments are used as therapy for a variety of venous conditions, during the healing process after operations and as a preventative measure. From compression tights and socks to bandages – medi uses expert medical knowledge to develop and offer you effective compression garments with maximum comfort for men and women. Find your compression garments online here at medi UK!

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How does compression work?

Conservative therapy of venous diseases is aimed at improving the condition by means of compression and exercise therapy. Compression hosiery presses the distended veins together so that the venous valves can close again, thus preventing the blood from flowing in the wrong direction – namely, away from the heart. The necessary compression is provided by modern medical compression stockings or tights that prevent new varicose veins from forming and keep existing venous disease under control. Untreated venous disease continues to progress and may become chronic. This is why it is particularly important to prevent deterioration or complications by consistently wearing compression.

Compression therapy plays an important part in the treatment of lymphoedema. With the correct fitting garment, the pressure within the tissues increases, encouraging lymph to redistribute and drain. Compression garments are an essential part of ongoing care and must always be worn to ensure reductions in limb volume are maintained.

Benefits of compression

Compression therapy is used for a wide variety of conditions, and as a preventative measure. In sports, compression bandages are used to enhance performance, help with recovery, as well as prevent injuries and speed up the healing process in case of an injury. In the medical area, compression garments are mainly used to treat venous and lymphatic diseases as well as offer support after surgeries.

This is what compression garments can do for you:

  • reduce pain and swelling
  • improve oxygen supply to your muscles
  • prevent and reduce varicose veins
  • prevent tired legs
  • enhance performance and reduce injuries during exercise
  • treat leg ulcers, deep vein thrombosis, lymphoedema and more

Compression for the whole body

Whether after surgical procedures, during pregnancy or as a treatment for ongoing venous diseases, compression garments offer pain relief and a faster recovery for a variety of conditions. medi offers the right products for the entire body, from hands and feet to limbs and the torso.

Compression socks and tights

Compression stockings are the most well-known compression garments, and they are used for a variety of conditions. They are available in different variations, such as with open or closed toes, knee-length or thigh-length. Of course there are different sizes, so there is the right fit for anyone. Some compressions socks are even available in fun colours and can be seamlessly integrated into your regular wardrobe.

Compression tights are often used for maternity tights, but that is not their only purpose. They are generally used to help with varicose veins and prevent the build-up of fluids in the ankles and legs. medi offers different compression classes, depending on what you're using the compression garments for. Your doctor will advise you on the best option for you.

Compression bras

After plastic surgery at the bust, wearing post-operative compression garments is required in order for a fast healing process. The compression bra supports the tissue and in case of a breast augmentation can prevent the implants from slipping. Wide, adjustable straps and the adjustable hook closure ensure maximum comfort. The material offers support all around the bust while feeling pleasant on the skin. Please note that the compression garment should only be worn for long periods of time if your doctor recommends it.

Arm sleeves with compression

Handpieces, gloves and arm sleeves in different lengths bring compression to your wrists and arms. They are mainly used as a therapy for thrombosis and oedema, where they improve blood circulation and reduce swelling. The elastic band at the top has a non-slip coating to ensure the sleeves stay securely in place. The compression arm sleeves are made from soft and breathable material, so that they can be worn comfortable all day.

Inelastic garments

The inelastic garments by medi are constructed to contain swelling during Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy. This kind of compression therapy also helps with venous leg ulcers. The supports can be adjusted at any time by the patient themselves to manage for example their lymphoedema. You should talk through this kind of self-care with your medical provider to ensure the best effect.

Taking care of your compression garments

Whether you choose elastic or inelastic compression garments, they all need to be cared for and washed regularly to ensure durability and the best compressive effect. Specific washing instructions come with every compression garment, so be sure to check those before you clean yours the first time. Most medi garments can be machine-washed and tumbled-dry at low temperatures. Please avoid high heat and harsh chemicals since those can damage the fibres and decrease elasticity and support of the garments.

Medical compression garments by medi

With decades of medical knowledge and constant improvement, medi strives to offer you the best compression garments available. All products are made in Germany under strict quality guidelines and are thoroughly checked before they reach you. If you have any questions about which compression garment would be the right choice for you, please don't hesitate to contact us! Our team is happy to help you.

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