Thumb supports

Thumb supports can help people suffering from painful rhizarthrosis, injuries to the lateral ligaments of the thumb saddle joint or distortions. In these cases, the thumb saddle joint and basic thumb joint are stabilised by the thumb support. Improving mobility and securing joint functions are the main goals of thumb supports by medi.

When to use thumb supports

Thumb supports have many benefits for a range of conditions. They stabilise and immobilise the saddle joint to foster the healing process and avoid further injury. This way, they manage to relieve pain in the wrist and thumb. Adjustable straps allow you to put it on yourself and let you decide how tight the support should be. Some conditions and injuries that thumb supports are used for are:

  • repetitive strain injury
  • thumb saddle joint irritation
  • thumb basal joint irritation or thumb basal joint instability
  • basal joint arthritis

Apart from immobilising the thumb either with tightly fitting material or splints, they often also offer wrist support, so while the support stabilises the thumb joint it can also help with a strained wrist, wrist instability, a sprained wrist or even a broken wrist further along in recovery. Depending on the type of thumb support, it can also be used for the recovery of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Materials for thumb supports

Since the thumb support sits directly on the skin, it's important that it's made from skin-friendly, breathable and comfortable material. We use our hands for a variety of activities every day, which makes it easy for the thumb supports to come into contact with food, dust and dirt. To keep them clean and you feeling comfortable while you wear them, you can machine-wash medi thumb supports at a low temperature. Superficial dirt can be wiped away with a wet cloth. Be sure to check the washing instructions that come with your specific product. They should not be treated with harsh chemicals or be exposed to extreme temperatures, since that can negatively impact the fibres' flexibility and durablity.

medi supports and braces for the whole body

The German company medi is dedicated to supplying patients with high-quality medical aids for any injury or condition. A large part of our product range are the various supports and braces that we offer for:

  • knees
  • ankles
  • shoulder
  • elbow
  • back

and more. We are constantly working to improve our orthopaedic products to offer patients the most effective tools for their healing process and that help to manage the pain of their conditions. All medi products are made with strict quality guidelines and are thoroughly checked before they reach our customers.

Our service team is happy to help you with any questions you have about our products, so please reach out to us via our website or our service hotline if you need further information. Please note that you should always check with your doctor, which support or brace would be right for your injury or condition to ensure optimal recovery.

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