Sacroiliac Joint Syndrome

Sacroiliac Joint SyndromeSacroiliac Joint Syndrome
Sacroiliac joint disorders and their treatmentSacroiliac joint disorders and their treatment

The sacroiliac joints are located in your pelvic region. They connect the sacrum bone and the ilium bone and are stabilised by ligaments. They are also known as the sacrum and ilium joint. The scrum supports the spine and is supported by an ilium joint on each side. They support the entire upper body weight.

As we age the characteristic of the sacroiliac joints change and become more angular instead of flat characteristics during youth. During pregnancy, the sacroiliac joints nutate to enable childbirth. This is also enhanced by the pregnancy hormones making the ligaments more lax so that they become more flexible.

Sacroiliac joint disorders and their treatment

Pain in the sacroiliac joints can come from sitting or standing for long periods of time, missing a step or jerky movements when lifting weights. Inflammation, erosion, breaks or disorders are other causes of symptoms. This disorder is often referred to as Sacroiliitis.

In most cases, the symptoms are treated non-surgically (conservatively). Those affected can often alleviate and treat the pain as well as prevent new disorders by doing special exercises provided by a physiotherapist.

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