Medical skin care

Wearing compression garments such as stockings, tights and sleeves, but also compression braces can be a challenge for the skin. That's why medi has developed medical skincare products specially formulated to help patients who use compression therapy. Here you can find products to moisturize, cool and clean your skin.

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Moisturizing skin care products for compression

Our skin can best maintain its health when it can breathe, so wearing compression garments can be a major stressor for the skin. The natural lipid barrier of the skin can be worn off, leaving it dry, and constantly wearing tight-fitting clothing can leave patients' limbs feeling uncomfortably hot. That's why medi has specially formulated day and night care for patients that use compression therapy.

The creams are deeply nourishing, strengthening the natural skin barrier and helping you maintain your skin health. The day gel also help you stay cool and feeling fresh all throughout the day with menthol, while witch hazel stabilises the skin. Horse chestnut helps to firm up the walls of your blood vessels, actively helping with the treatment of venous conditions. The feeling of tightness in your skin disappears once it’s properly moisturized.

The night cream is meant to rejuvenate and soothe the skin with rich jojoba oil as one of the active ingredients. This supports regeneration and your skin feels soft and healthy in the morning. All ingredients of the medical grade skincare are tested by experts for safety and effectiveness to help you maintain healthy skin during your treatments.

Cooling the skin

Compression patients have a hard time especially in summer when high temperatures make wearing tight-fitting clothing an ordeal. If the cooling day gel does not last you all through the day, you can apply cooling spray whenever you need it directly on the compression stockings. Menthol leaves you feeling refreshed immediately after using the spray. It is gentle on the stocking fabric so that you don't have to be worried about damaging your compression garments.

Cleansing and caring for wounds

Keeping wounds clean is the most important factor for a fast and smooth recovery process. It prevents inflammation and infection of the wound, protecting more than just your skin health. For this purpose, medi offers sterile wipes that are wrapped individually. With these, wounds can be thoroughly and mostly painlessly cleaned while at the same time moisturizing the surrounding skin, which encourages healing. All ingredients used in the UCS debridement wipes are non-allergenic.

Medical grade skincare products by medi

The company medi is mostly known for compression garments, braces and supports. Our medical experts have been working for over a century to develop the most effective medical aids that enable a fast recovery. The treatments of injuries and other conditions often have far-reaching effects on the body, and it is our goal to help patients deal with all of them. Skin care might not appear to be a serious concern, but healthy skin can make a huge difference in comfort. That's why medi also developed medical grade skincare products to improve your overall well-being.

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