Donning aids and doffing aids

Compression stockings are supposed to fit tightly around the legs or arms. That can make them tricky to put on and take off, especially for patients with restricted mobility. Donning and doffing aids by medi enable you to dress independently and put your compression stockings on correctly with reduced physical strain.

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Butlers for compression hosiery

Holding the tight compression garments open and pulling them over feet, legs, hands and arms can be a real challenge. Especially elderly patients struggle to do this independently, since it requires both strength and flexibility. A butler is a handy aid for compression stockings and sleeves. The garment is put on the frame of the butler and the patient can put their leg or arm into it without having to push as much as without the butler. This way, butlers save a lot of time for both patients and care personnel. These donning aids are used in hospitals, care homes, and patient homes alike.

Other kinds of donning aids

Butlers are a big help to a lot of patients, but they're also bulky and take up a lot of space. For patients who don't need or want a butler in their home, there are other options. One disadvantage of compression stockings or compression sleeves is that your grip might slip while trying to pull them on. medi offers rubber gloves to avoid this problem. They help you maintain a secure grip on the knitted fabric of your compression garments while being gentle to the elastic fibres, making sure they're not damaged in the process.

Along with the gloves, you can also use the 2in1 medi donning and doffing aid. It's like a sock made from smooth material that you step on before pulling on your compression stockings. You then use the donning aid to slide the stocking up your leg and then pull the aid free. Since it's just a tube of fabric, it is easy to store and a great solution for while you're travelling.

Doffing aids

The same difficulties with putting compression garments on plague many patients when it's time to take them off again. The medi 2in1 can help here as well. You simply slide your foot into the opening of the doffing aid, fold down the top of the stockings and then pull it off easily over your heel. We also offer a doffing aid that works similarly to a shoehorn. You slide the doffing aid into the stocking and then push it off your foot. The smooth, rounded tip ensures that your compression stocking isn't damaged while taking it off.

Tips for easy donning and doffing

Apart from using a donning or doffing aid, there are certain tips you can use to make the process of putting on and taking off compression garments easier. It's important to make sure both your fingernails and toenails are short and don't have any rough edges that the stocking material could catch on. Your heels shouldn't have any rough patches of skin either. Don't wear rings or other jewellery on your hands that could snag the material. Ideally, you put on your compression stockings first thing in the morning before your legs had any time to swell up.

In summary:

  • Keep your fingernails and toenails short and round
  • Make sure your heels are smooth
  • Avoid jewellery on your hands while donning and doffing compression garments
  • Put them on first thing in the morning

Medical aids by medi

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