Knee supports

Knee supports are beneficial following acute injury and for simple degenerative conditions that have worsened over time. Knee supports can be helpful if the joints are painful when using stairs, walking or even when sitting or standing. They can help to relieve, alleviate or remove pain as well as control uncomfortable and unsightly swelling. Also degenerative osteoarthritis or meniscus problems can be treated with medi knee supports. Our medical grade compression provides a massaging effect to reduce knee swelling and stabilise the knee. Warmth and proprioceptive bio-feedback help you recover and strengthen each day.

Anterior knee pain is common amongst young female athletes and this can be due to patellar tracking issues during skeletal maturation. Our unique range of patella guiding knee supports can help to get you quickly back in shape.

Our knitted knee supports are breathable which therefore leave you perspiration-free. The incorporation of soft comfort zones behind your knee joint in the crease ensures your wearing comfort and freedom of movement. This helps with compliance which in turn helps with accelerated rehabilitation. Supports for the knee can relieve, alleviate or remove the pain (e.g. the Genumedi knee support supports the knee cap in a floating silicone ring without applying direct pressure that could be uncomfortable). Swellings, osteoarthritis or meniscus problems can be dealt with in this way.

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