Men and compression

Men and compressionMen and compression

One in six men: Varicose veins and diseases of the deep leg vein system

The Edinburgh Vein Study is one of a few cohort studies to report the incidence of varicose veins and CVI in the general population.* The incidence of varicose veins and CVI did not differ significantly by sex. However, the topic of “vein disorders” is not widely discussed among men. One in six men has varicose veins and disorders of the deep vein system.** Men rarely complain about oedema, swollen legs, spider veins or varicose veins. Thereby resulting in an unreported incidence of venous disease. If left untreated, vein disease can lead to pain, ulcerated legs, thrombosis and, in the worst case, to fatal pulmonary embolism.

If you suffer from swelling or pain in your legs, you should consult your doctor.

The Office for National Statistics show that there are around 32 million men between the ages of 20 and 79 in the UK. Men do not tend to seek help for problems with their veins – the development of a new UK based charity called ‘legs matter’ hopes to change this. The legs matter campaign aims to raise awareness of the problems that can occur in legs and urges for both men and women to get timely treatment. The basic treatment for disorders of the veins is medical compression stockings.

Compression stockings for men Compression stockings for men
Compression for menCompression for men

Overcome prejudices and beat expectations – with medical compression stockings for men by medi

Whilst Men aren’t known for complaining about their compression stockings, there is evidence to suggest that male patients may feel embarrassed by their leg condition, and the need to wear a garment. medi wanted to know more about what men considered important in regard to medical compression stockings. They commissioned the market research company iConsult to survey 300 men.

The result: What men expect

  • Appealing look
  • High wearing comfort
  • Good skin compatibility
  • Perfect fit

The Survey showed that the appearance of a medical compression stockings was important to men. They wanted the compression stocking to look and feel like a normal sock. By creating special versions for men medi has successfully met this challenge.

medi specialists adjusted the technology behind the material and compression to achieve the optimum garment with the greatest benefits for the patient. Mediven active and mediven for men are two such champions. They have both been awarded the renowned iF product design award for innovation, material and workmanship categories.

  1. mediven for men
    mediven for men
    mediven for men

    compression socks

    • Business Rib Design
    • Anatomically toe design
    • Added lanolin*
    As low as £48.00
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  2. mediven active
    mediven active
    mediven active

    compression socks

    • Imperceptible toe seam
    • Fine-ribbed design
    • Comfort sole
    As low as £48.00
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Medical men compression stockings by medi – technologically advanced

Treatment of venous disorders is very simple and ‘conservative’. Medical compression garments have sophisticated technology within them. The heart of this technology is a highly-elastic thread which is knitted into the compression stockings.

The precisely applied pressure of this compression thread activates the function of the body’s own transport systems such as the return of blood to the heart: The stockings activate the calf muscle pumps with each leg movement and help the veins to pump blood around the body.

To support healthy leg veins while travelling, when exercising and in everyday activities

What’s more: There are also compression stockings for men with healthy veins. They support the veins while travelling, when exercising and in everyday activities:

  1. medi travel men
    medi travel men
    medi travel men

    compression socks

    • Travel sock for men
    • light and refreshed legs
    • soft material
    As low as £28.20
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4,500 stitches per second: Small production tour – from the thread to the stocking

The production of medical compression stockings requires many individual production steps. The people behind them are highly specialised in teamwork. You would like to know, how a compression stocking is made? Then take a look with us behind the production scenes “Made in Germany”.

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* Rabe, E. et al. (2003): Bonner Venenstudie der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Phlebologie.
** Orthopädie Technik (5/2013): Therapie mit medizinischen Kompressionsstrümp¬fen in Deutschland, Ergebnis der Bonner Venenstudien I und II.

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