Elbow compression

Elbow pain can be caused by injuries through hyperextensions during sports like tennis, golf, volleyball, basketball or handball. In order to assist the healing process, medi offers elbow sleeves with compression for sports, as well as elbow braces to treat more serious injuries. With the right medical aid you can quickly and securely treat your elbow so explore our range online and find the right option for you!

Compression sleeves for golfer's elbow and more

The most common elbow injuries are a result of overuse, such as golfer's elbow or tennis elbow. This doesn't always occur as a result of over-exercising; any hand, forearm or wrist motion that is often repeated can lead to these conditions, for example in people who do manual labour or even people who work at a computer.

The use of a compression sleeve has many benefits for these conditions. It offers support for the elbow joint as well as tendons, ligaments and muscles surrounding the elbow. At the same time, it applies gentle pressure, which improves circulation. This way, the area has a better supply of oxygen and blood flows back to the heart more easily. This also helps to reduce and prevent swelling. On top of that, wearing compression sleeves keeps the elbows warm, which can reduce pain and prevent further injury. The soft, flexible material allows you to maintain full mobility during your recovery from tendonitis, lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow), golfer's elbow, and various other conditions.

Before choosing an elbow support, you should always ask your doctor, especially if you intend to treat an existing condition with the elbow sleeve. Your doctor will help you choose the right product for your elbow, advise you on how long and in which situations to wear it, and how to find the right size for you. They will also suggest other treatments on top of the elbow support, such as certain exercises or putting ice on the affected area.

Rigid elbow braces

If your injury or condition requires limiting the movement of your elbow, an elbow brace is the right choice for you. You put it on with adjustable straps and a splint stabilizes the whole arm. The hinge at the elbow joint can be adjusted to allow different degrees of movement, depending on your injury and how far along you are in your recovery. It also includes a hand rest for more comfort. These braces are often used for dislocation of the elbow, healing fractures and after surgery on the ligaments and muscles as well as after the implantation of a prosthesis.

Caring for your compression sleeve or elbow brace

Medical aids such as elbow braces and supports are often worn for long periods of time and collect dust and sweat, so they should be cleaned regularly. Before doing that the first time, you should check the washing instructions for your particular product. Most of the soft supports and compression sleeves can be machine-washed at a low temperature but should not be tumbled dry since excessive heat can damage the fibres and make them lose their elasticity. Splints and braces can often simply be wiped clean with a wet cloth and some mild soap.

Elbow compression and more with medi

With many years of experience, the German company medi works continuously to offer patients the best tools for their treatment, whether it be for simple strains, injured tendons or after surgery. It is our goal to help you recover quickly and reduce pain significantly. If you have questions about our products and how to wear them or if you have suggestions for products you would like to see in our range, please contact us!

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