Hip supports

After a total hip replacement or an internal fixation of transtrochanteric fractures, hip supports can help to control the hip rotation and to provide compression to the hip region. They offer pain relief for the hip joint and contribute to a safe and fast recovery. Depending on the model, they can offer additional compression for the thigh. medi hip supports are high quality aids that help to reduce hip pain, recover faster from surgery or injuries and are comfortable to wear.

How hip supports and braces work

A hip support speeds up your recovery after surgery by stabilising the hip joint in a fixed position. This way, your motion is limited, reducing the risk of hurting your hip with involuntary or uncontrolled movement. Hip braces often have rigid parts that not only give your hip stability but can also immobilise it or strongly limit and control motion. There are different hip braces and hip supports for different conditions. They are available for adults, but also for children. One frequent condition that requires a hip support for babies is hip dysplasia. A hip abduction orthosis is commonly chosen for this condition, but they are available for all ages and can also help with dislocation or healing from a hip replacement revision.

medi offers a hip support for the recovery after a total hip replacement. It's available in different sizes as well as versions for the left or right hip to ensure the best possible fit for all patients. They're made from soft fabric with a breathable design so that they can be comfortably worn all day.

Finding the right hip support for you

Medical aids need to be chosen with great care. You should always discuss with your doctor which hip brace or support is best in your case. They will know which of the many benefits of different supports will have the best effect on your hip injury, whether it's compression or restricted mobility. Your physician will also know why certain models might be a hindrance for your healing process, which is why professional advice is always strongly recommended.

Braces and supports by medi

The German company medi has been supplying patients with high quality supports and braces for many years, constantly working to improve our products. We offer medical aids not just for the hips but for the whole body. Our goal is to help you achieve a healthier life and offer pain relief in the process. If you have any questions about medi products, you can contact us at any time through our website or during our office hours via our service hotline. We're happy to help you in any way we can.

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