Diabetes is a chronic condition

Diabetes is a condition whereby the body either cannot produce insulin or cannot use the insulin it does produce effectively.

Diabetes is a chronic condition and sufferers need to know how to manage their condition. Once diagnosed, patients need to take special care of their feet and legs. Foot complications are one of the most common reasons for someone with diabetes being admitted to hospital. Two complications of diabetes put the person with diabeties at increased risk of damaging their feet, these are:

Peripheral Neuropathy

This is a condition whereby you may lose the feelings in your feet and toes.
Many diabetics are not aware that they have this condition as it usually involves losing the ability to feel pain and other sensations over a period of time. If it occurred and you were to knock and damage your skin, a wound could result. If this wound is not dealt with quickly by a healthcare professional it can develop into an ulcer.

Peripheral Vascular Disease

This is a condition where the blood flow in the veins is reduced, usually resulting in cold and painful feet. If left untreated the ability to fight infections and heal any wounds is severely reduced. Compression products should not be worn by diabetics without taking advice from a GP or health professional.

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