Insoles & shoe inserts

For special foot or toe injuries, insoles can offer special support. Anatomically adapted to the plantar arch, insoles by medi compensate deformities of the forefoot or toes and may relieve foot pain, for example caused by Arthralgia. All medi insoles and shoe inserts are made from medical grade silicone so that they're comfortable even for sensitive feet. Find the right shoe insoles or heel pads here!

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Shoe insoles

Shoe insoles are meant for badly aligned or mispositioned feet, such as splayfoot, plantar fasciitis or flat feet. Medical insoles have many benefits. They can offer pain relief for aching feet and legs. Soft zones make the medi insoles comfortable to wear, and the more solid parts in between offer arch support, so they can be used as gentle arch support insoles. The medical grade silicone supplies cushioning for the feet, doesn't slip inside the shoes and is easy to clean. The comfortable shoe insoles are designed for everyday use and offer treatment for various injuries and conditions of the forefoot, midfoot, and hindfoot.

Heel pads

Heel pads aren't complete shoe insoles, they only fit underneath the hindfoot to cushion the heels and absorb shocks while walking. They can assist the medical treatment in case of achillodynia or calcaneal spur. medi heel pads consist of comfortable silicone material and fit easily into any shoe. The anatomical shape is specifically designed to help align the foot correctly. In its range medi offers two different heel pad inserts. The difference is that one version has a soft zone for extra high comfort. You can easily wear the heel pads all day and walk for extended periods of time.

Like our silicone specialist insoles, the heel pads can easily be cleaned with water and soap, since dirt only sits on the surface and can't sink into the silicone. This way, they stay hygienic for a long time.

Finding the right show insoles for you

There is a huge variety of shoe insoles designed for various purposes on the market, which can make finding the right one for your condition tricky. That's why you should always talk to your doctor before choosing any medical aid. They will advise you on what insoles work correctly for you, whether you have splay foot or fallen arches, and what might actually hinder your recovery. If you have any questions about medi products you can contact us any time and our customer service team will be happy to give you the information you're looking for.

Medical aids by medi

Apart from specialist insoles, medi also offers orthopaedic aids for the whole body, such as braces and supports for knees, wrists, ankles and more. They're all expertly designed and produced in Germany under strict quality guidelines. We're constantly working to improve our products in order to best support patients during their healing process and offer pain relief. The items in our shop ship from Great Britain, so you won't have to wait long for your order.

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