I have a wound on my leg

I have a wound on my legI have a wound on my leg

A venous wound is an open wound normally situated between the knee and the foot which fails to heal after 2 weeks. It is unlikely to get better if left untreated.

Currently, you may be in a self-care situation. This page has been created so that you can self-care with the medi products that your clinician has prescribed you in just 2 easy steps -

If you have a wound on your leg – please see our patient information leaflet.

And for more information see the simple steps to follow:

Step 1 – cleaning your wound and delivering a skin care regime

Cleaning your leg with the simple and effective UCS Debridement cloth. As UCS is available in single-use sterile sachets, there is no need to add any additional water or fill up bowls or buckets with water.

UCS can be used to clean the venous leg ulcer, removing any barriers present within the wound bed to aid the wound healing process. UCS will also hydrate the skin and offers you a great skin care regime.

Step 2 – compression with juxtalite or juxtacures wraps

Your clinician will have prescribed measured compression in order to heal your venous leg wound.  Compression therapy has been proven to effectively heal venous leg wounds. The juxta wraps offer measured compression which can be adjusted throughout the day if necessary. They can be easily removed for showering and you can also wear your regular footwear whilst wearing the compression wraps.

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