Back supports by medi can be used for a wide range of back complaints and disorders. Lower back pain, lumbago, sciatic pain or hollow back can all benefit from wearing back supports which stabilise the back and assist to reduce lordosis. Additional physiotherapy and heat reinforces the pain relief through back supports.

A distinction is made here between an acute pain (lasting not more than 6 weeks) and chronic back pain (more than 6 weeks). Often no exact cause can be established. Doctors talk about “lumbar pain” or “inflammatory conditions of the sacroiliac joint”. The pain often causes what is known as antalgic posture – the upper body is held forwards or slightly to the side, which in turn leads to further muscle tension and further pain. Lumbar back supports such as the Lumbamed basic or Lumbamed plus stabilise the back and reduce the lordosis, i.e. the pelvis is pushed forwards and the spine is straightened. Additional physiotherapy and heat then relieve the pain, usually within a few days.

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