Knee supports & braces

The knees can be affected by a wide range of injuries and medical conditions. Knee supports and knee braces have several purposes: they offer compression to stabilise, reduce pain and swelling, speed up the recovery as well as prevent injuries during sporting activities. medi offers high quality flexible knee supports, hinged knee braces and other knee support products to ensure a safe and fast healing process.

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Knee supports and braces for various conditions

Knee supports are beneficial following acute injury and for simple degenerative conditions that have worsened over time. A knee brace or support can be helpful if the joints are painful when using stairs, walking or even when sitting or standing. Knee supports can help to relieve, alleviate or remove pain as well as control uncomfortable and unsightly swelling. Degenerative osteoarthritis or meniscus problems can also be treated with medi knee supports. Our medical grade compression provides a massaging effect to reduce knee swelling and stabilise the knee. Warmth and proprioceptive bio-feedback help you recover and strengthen each day.

Anterior knee pain is common amongst young female athletes, and this can be due to patellar tracking issues during skeletal maturation. Our unique range of patella guiding knee supports can help to get you back in shape quickly.

Why are knees prone to injury?

To provide a wide range of movement, the knee is intrinsically unstable. The condyles of the femur and the tibial plateau are held in place with a combination of constraining bony anatomy and ligaments. Strong musculature tethered to the bones by tendons helps contribute to the overall support mechanism.

The flexion and extension movements of the knee are complex with a combination of rolling, sliding, internal and external rotations all controlled by numerous important bony, ligamentous and muscular structures. Because the knees support the entire weight of our bodies via this complex process, the knees are very susceptible to injuries. Add to this mix a faltered step, external slip or unexpected sporting opponent and injury is only moments away. This makes knee injuries one of the most common types of injuries, especially paired with sports.

Indications that can require a knee support or brace:

  • meniscus tear
  • runner's knee
  • anterior cruciate ligament injuries (ACL injury)
  • after knee surgery
  • knee instability

Comfortable knee supports

Our knitted knee supports are breathable, which leave you perspiration-free. The incorporation of soft comfort zones in the crease behind your knee joint ensures your comfort and freedom of movement while wearing the support. Supports for the knee can relieve, alleviate or remove the pain (e.g. the Genumedi knee support supports the knee cap in a floating silicone ring without applying direct pressure that could be uncomfortable). Swellings, osteoarthritis or meniscus problems can be dealt with in this way. medi supports are stretchy and therefore easy to put on and take off. The tight fit ensures that the knee support securely stays in place while you're wearing it.

Knee braces

Wearing the correct knee brace is important while recovering from a painful ligamentous injury, meniscus lesion, instability of the knee joint or patellar dislocation. This helps protect the existing uninjured structures and ensures that the knee gets the proper support as the damaged structures repair. Knee braces can facilitate stability by preventing posterior and anterior translation, medial and lateral sliding, and internal or external rotations. In case of posterior capsule injury, they can help prevent further hyperextension. In MCL and LCL injury, the patented medi physioglide hinge supports the knee and mimics the natural roll and glide of the knee, making the brace comfortable to wear. The right knee brace offers pain relief and a faster recovery.

What's the right type of knee support or knee brace for you?

Flexible knee support, soft knee brace or hinged knee brace - which type is the right one for your knee depends on your injury or condition. Generally, braces are used to immobilise the knee and keep it in a specific position so that it can heal without further strain or stress on the joint. Compression knee supports stabilise as well, but their purpose is more often to enable mobility while offering support. They also stimulate blood circulation in the knee, which improves your own perception and helps you to avoid potentially harmful movement during sports. Your doctor will advise you about the best knee support for your individual condition.

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