Elbow supports & braces

Common ailments of the elbow area are the so-called tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow. medi elbow supports can reduce pain by specific areas of pressure and relieve tension at the tendon inserts. By exerting a cushy massage effect, medi elbow supports assist the healing process and can lead to rapid reduction of haematoma or oedema.

Flexible elbow supports

Soft, flexible elbow supports are used to stabilise and massage the elbow with compression. This improves the blood circulation and with it the proprioception, your own awareness of your body. This allows you to move your elbow joint more cautiously. This makes elbow supports not just the perfect aid after an elbow injury for a faster recovery but also to prevent them from happening. That's why medi offers a sports elbow support: the , which along with preventing elbow injuries helps you achieve your ultimate performance.

Elbow supports are also used for a variety of conditions and illnesses, such as osteoarthritis and arthritis, tendonitis, or epicondylitis (tennis elbow or golfer's elbow). Their main purpose is to reduce elbow pain and swelling. The compression sleeves also help to keep the muscles warm, which especially helps with arthritic elbows. The stretchy material allows for a perfect fit. Some supports offer adjustable compression for optimal results. Usually, the elbow support can be used for the left or right elbow. If that's what your doctor advises, they are suitable for everyday wear.

Benefits of elbow supports:

  • offer pain relief
  • reduce inflammation and swelling
  • stimulate circulation
  • warm muscles

Rigid elbow braces

Unlike supports, elbow braces are meant to immobilise the elbow joint. This ensures that the elbow is in the right position to heal quickly and eliminates strain on the injury. It also helps a great deal to reduce pain. Some braces come with an adjustable shoulder sling to help carry the arm while it heals. Generally, elbow braces do not only support the elbow, but often the upper arm, the forearm and even the wrist as well.

Rigid braces are usually used to treat injuries such as fractures to the elbow joint and after surgery on the ligaments, biceps or triceps. Once the injury has healed, the brace can be replaced by an elbow support. This depends on your individual situation and injury, and you should always check with your doctor what's right for you.

Benefits of elbow braces:

  • offers joint stability and elbow protection
  • motion control to prevent further damage
  • supports the whole arm
  • faster recovery

Supports and braces by medi

The company medi is your expert for orthopaedic supports and braces, for elbow, knee, neck, back, and more. All products are manufactured in Germany under strict quality guidelines, and they're all checked before they reach patients to ensure a safe and quick healing process. Before choosing a medical aid, please always talk to your doctor to find out what’s the right product for your individual condition. If you have any questions about medi products, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to provide you with any information you might need.

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