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Discover our compression products for your legs that support your venous system. The veins run through the surface of your legs and collect blood from the layers of skin. The collected blood then flows through deep veins that are surrounded by muscles inside the legs and transport the blood back towards the heart. As a result of our upright stance and a lifestyle with too little exercise, human beings are the only life forms that suffer from the widespread problem of diseased veins. Tired legs, swollen ankles or stabbing pain in the legs may be the first signs of varicose veins developing. Compression stockings by medi can noticeably support therapy and help you to start a healthier venous life.

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How does compression therapy work?

Compression therapy has many benefits for the legs. Controlled pressure helps to increase blood flow and makes it easier for the blood to flow back to the heart. This doesn't just keep your legs feeling light, it can also prevent blood clots and deep vein thrombosis and help with a variety of conditions such as chronic venous insufficiency. But compression therapy isn't just used for venous conditions, it is also effective treatment for lymphatic issues. Compression helps to drain the lymphatic fluid and minimize swelling in the legs.

Hospitals often use an intermittent pneumatic compression device, where inflated sleeves, similarly to a blood pressure cuff, are surrounding the legs. The air provides pressure. While such a compression machine is very effective, it's not usually an option for compression therapy at home. Wearing compression tights or stockings is usually the best alternative.

When to use compression stockings and more

Indications for compression therapy are varied, and so are the different compression stockings, sleeves and more. Simple compression socks are meant to help your legs feeling fresh and light thanks to an improved blood flow during long days at the office, on long-distance flights or any other activity that requires sitting for long periods of time and might lead to poor blood circulation.

Medical graduated compression stockings are designed for patients who are either at risk of blood clots, other venous conditions or are already suffering with them. In this case, compression therapy is used for prevention and treatment of anything from varicose veins, venous leg ulcers, to deep vein thrombosis or a venous thromboembolism. Patients with lymphoedema also benefit from compression therapy, as it helps to reduce swelling in the legs. A medical professional will let you know if leg compression is a viable treatment for your health condition.

Compression socks, stockings and tights by medi

For the vast variety of conditions that benefit from compression therapy, medi has created appropriate products for leg compression. Compression socks to support your blood flow while you go about your day, you can simply order in our online shop. If you have existing conditions or are in danger of developing any, you should consult your doctor to determine the best solution for your leg compression.

The decision between knee-high compression stockings, thigh-high stockings or compression tights should be made based on where exactly you need leg compression. If you only suffer from swelling around your ankles or calves, knigh-high stockings will provide all the compression therapy you need. If you suffer from swelling in the thighs or are at risk of blood clots, thigh-high stocking or tights are the best option for you. Your healthcare provider will advise you on the best product to choose.

Inelastic sleeves for leg compression therapy

Most compression stockings are made from elastic material that sits tightly on the skin. But with inelastic sleeves, you might achieve a better and steadier leg compression than with elastic compression stockings. That's because elastic garments adjust to your body during the day and stretch a little, whereas inelastic compression sleeves steadily apply the same amount of pressure to the leg all throughout the day. This also means, inelastic compression sleeves last longer, which is a financial relief for patients with chronic conditions who are required to use leg compression long-term.

All inelastic compression garments by medi, from foot wraps to calf sleeves, can be adjusted with velcro straps to ensure that they fit snugly but don't cut off blood flow.

Compression therapy with medi

The German company medi offers compression garments not just for the legs, but also arms and hands. If you have any questions about our products, please get in touch! Our team will be happy to provide you with any information you need.

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