Arm compression with sleeves and more

Compression garments play an important part in the treatment of lymphoedema, be it primary or secondary, and usually affects the arms or legs, although in some cases there may be swelling in the chest, head or genitals. Compression sleeves for arms are an essential part of ongoing care and must always be worn to ensure reductions in limb volume are maintained.

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When to wear compression arm sleeves

Compression arm sleeves are meant to increase blood flow with gentle pressure on the limb. But apart from improving blood circulation, compression sleeves also help to reduce and prevent swelling from lymph conditions such as lymphoedema or lipoedema. They are also used in endurance sports, where the compressive effect offers support for the arm muscles as well as elbow and wrist, supply the muscles with more oxygen and can lead to more power and an enhanced performance. Athletes also appreciate that they keep the muscles warm during sport.

At medi you will mostly find compression arm sleeves for medical purposes. They are usually prescribed by your doctor, who will advise you on which kind of compression sleeve to choose. For most patients, the sleeves are worn daily for long periods of time. That's why it's important they have a comfortable fit. They're supposed to sit on your arm like a second skin in order for the graduated compression to deploy its many benefits. The snug fit shouldn't limit your movements, since the compression arm sleeves are either made from elastic material or from inelastic fabric, but the tightness can be adjusted with straps.

Compression arm sleeves and more by medi

medi offers a wide range of compression garments for patients with mild, moderate or severe arm lymphoedema and chest oedema. Available in flat knit or round knit hosiery and also inelastic compression sleeves. Along with a wide range of variants and innovative features, medi compression garments for the arms have up to 16 off-the-shelf sizes in round knit and unlimited variations in flat knit made-to-measure for all arm requirements to treat lymphoedema and lead to a faster recovery.

Some of the sleeves include gloves that use compression on the wrist and hand too, not just the lower and upper arm. Check with your healthcare provider which parts of the body should be covered by compression garments for your individual treatment.

The compression arm sleeves are made from moisture wicking material for a comfortable wear but also to prevent chafing. Before cleaning your arm sleeve, check the washing instructions to make sure the fabric isn't damaged in the process. Generally, the sleeves can be machine-washed at a low temperature and left to air-dry.

Medical aids by medi

The German manufacturer medi has specialised in compression garments for the whole body. They have a wide variety of uses, from preventing injuries during training to reducing symptoms of lymphoedema. All of our products are developed with the patients in mind, providing them with the care, support and protection they need. If you have any questions about our compression arm sleeves or any of our other products, please reach out. Our team is happy to help you.

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