The confidence to be me – with the new mediven® trend colours!

The new mediven trend colours are available in mediven elegance and mediven plus

Trend coloursTrend colours

The confidence to be me!

It is so important to look after your leg health as they have to support us for many years! Our latest range of colours, including our new trend colours, delivery both function and fashion. Compression therapy doesn’t have to be boring. Colourful compression at no extra cost!

Introducing modern medical compression in wonderful new colours

new mediven® trend coloursnew mediven® trend colours

Compression should be fashionable!

Gone are the days where medical compression looks like medical compression. We have created the perfect combination of functionality, health and style.

Compression should be empowering! 

Education, sharing information, mutual support – find your community, whether it’s online or in person. Connect and lift each other up!

Comfortable and confident in your own skin 

mediven compression stockings help to keep you healthy and should make you feel confident in your daily activities.  Our fashion forecasting team, work with top fashion designers in Europe to bring you the upcoming colour trend options for the 12 months ahead, ensuring you are bang on trend with your colour choices to match your wardrobe!

Round knit mediven compression stockings

Combining medical compression and fashion is one of our main principles at medi. After all, wearers should be able to rely on their mediven compression stockings and walk through life in style. Find out more about our round knit products – mediven plus and mediven elegance.

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