Radiantly beautiful: Skin care for healthy and nourished skin

In the world of Skin care, beauty meets health. Our skin is not only the largest organ of our body, but also a stage on which our individual splendour is expressed. More than just an aesthetic pursuit, skin care is an expression of self-love and well-being. It is about promoting a healthy skin barrier, protecting it from environmental influences and preserving its natural radiance. Our skin is not only a reflection of external beauty, but also an indicator of our health and emotional well-being.

In our medi online shop, we invite you to explore the world of skincare and find the right skin food for your skin type. Because beautiful skin begins not only with good products, but above all with the love and care you give yourself.

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What does skin care involve?

Skin care encompasses a wide range of measures and products aimed at maintaining or improving the health and appearance of the skin. We have summarised all the basic elements of holistic skin care for you here:

  • Cleansing: An important first step in removing dirt, oil, make-up and other impurities from the skin is cleansing. Various cleansing products such as facial cleansers, micellar water or cleansing wipes are suitable for this.
  • Exfoliation: Removes dead skin cells and promotes cell renewal. This can be done using chemical peelings or mechanical peelings. The choice between these two types of exfoliation depends on individual skin needs, skin type and personal preferences (hyaluronic acid or lactic acid). While mechanical peels are good for improving skin texture and removing blemishes, chemical peels are often effective in treating skin concerns such as acne, sun damage, fine lines and uneven skin tone.
  • Toning: A toner is used to soothe the skin, balance pH levels and prepare the skin for subsequent skincare.
  • Serum: Serums are concentrated formulations with specific active ingredients that are tailored to individual skin needs. They can be moisturising, brightening, firming or counteract certain skin problems.
  • Moisturising care: The most important care step to moisturise the skin and support its barrier function. This includes face creams, lotions, masks or gels.
  • Sun care: Protection from harmful UV rays is crucial for the prevention of skin ageing and skin cancer. Sun cream should be used daily, even on cloudy days.
  • Nutrition and hydration: A balanced diet and adequate hydration also help to support skin health.

When choosing the right skin care regime, remember that skin needs can vary from person to person and a personalised skin care routine should be adapted according to your skin type. You should not neglect your lip care either.

Intensive moisturising care in every season

In every season, our skin craves intensive moisturising care to preserve its natural beauty. Whether it's the winter cold, the summer sun or the constant change in between - the skin is constantly exposed to environmental influences that affect its moisture balance. Moisturising skin care therefore plays a central role in skin care and is crucial for maintaining skin health. For irritated or sensitive skin, moisturising ingredients can have a calming effect and help to soothe redness and irritation. Well-hydrated skin also provides an ideal base for make-up and can help to maintain skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The right skin care sequence

The correct sequence of skin care products is important to ensure that the products work effectively and have their maximum effect. You can do this in the following steps:

  1. Cleanse your face and remove excess sebum, make-up, and dirt.
  2. If necessary, use a toner that balances the skin's pH value.
  3. For optimal moisturisation, you can apply a serum after the toner and allow it to work in sufficiently.
  4. To counteract signs of tiredness and dark circles under the eyes, use a suitable eye moisturiser in this step.
  5. Now apply your daily moisturiser.
  6. Sun cream (during the day) should always be the last step of skin care to maintain its effectiveness.

Overview of different skin types

There are different skin types, which are determined by genetic factors, environmental conditions and other influences. As each skin type reacts differently to different ingredients, the individual skincare routine should be based on the specific needs of each skin type. Here are some of the common skin types briefly:

  • Normal skin: This skin type has a balanced moisture content, little to no impurities and usually a smooth, even complexion with fine pores.
  • Dry skin: If you belong to this skin type, you probably tend to have dry and flaky skin that lacks natural oils. This in turn can lead to feelings of tightness and fine lines and cracks.
  • Oily skin: Types with oily skin tend to have shine and enlarged pores due to an overproduction of sebum. They also tend to have blemished skin with blackheads and possibly acne.
  • Combination skin: This skin type is a combination of oily and dry areas. The so-called T-zone, consisting of the forehead, nose and chin, is relatively oily for the most part, whereas the cheek area is dry.
  • Sensitive skin: If you have sensitive skin, you are likely to react easily to external influences and are prone to redness and irritation. It is therefore particularly important for this skin type to use mild and soothing care products that contain as little perfume and alcohol as possible.
  • Mature skin: This skin type mainly affects older men and women. Mature skin usually shows a loss of elasticity and firmness, and more wrinkles and fine lines appear on the face. The skin structure and texture can also feel different.

However, influences such as the seasons, hormone levels, diet and skincare habits can affect the skin type and make it necessary to adapt skin care.

How do I find my perfect skin care routine?

The perfect skin care routine is individual and depends on various factors. Finding the perfect skin care routine therefore often requires a little experimentation in order to develop a personalised and effective skin care routine.

Therefore, the first step is to identify whether your skin is normal, dry, oily, combination or sensitive. This is crucial in order to choose products that suit your skin's specific needs. Then consider what specific skin concerns you want to address, such as acne, pigmentation, wrinkles or dryness. Give your skin time to react to new products and carefully observe how it reacts to different formulations. This way you can adjust certain products again if necessary.
If you are unsure or have specific skin problems, it may be helpful to consult a dermatologist or skincare expert who can make a customised recommendation.

Effective against redness and swelling

Cooling skin care products can have a refreshing and soothing effect on the skin in the event of swelling, redness on the face and painful skin areas. Our medi Physicool Cooling Bandages and  Coolent Spray are particularly suitable for this. Both cosmetic products are used to reduce swelling and relieve pain.

A fresh face around the clock

The medi day gel and medi night cream ensure that your face is optimally moisturised both during the day and at night. During the day, you can count on a moisturised and smooth complexion with the gel, which also has a refreshing effect. At night, the night cream helps to soothe and rejuvenate the skin and supports regeneration. For an extra portion of freshness on your face and body, you can also use the gentle medi fresh spray.

For more moisture and regeneration even in difficult times

After radiotherapy, the skin is often sensitive and requires special care. The specially developed products from Jalosome®, such as the Jalosome® Soothing Gel or the Jalosome® Hydrating Cream, play an important role here. These offer a light and soothing formula that is specially tailored to the needs of stressed skin. The gel has a cooling effect and soothes possible skin irritation, while the hydrating cream provides intensive moisturisation to protect the skin from drying out. The gentle application of these products not only supports the regeneration process, but also improves the skin's well-being so that it can recover more quickly.

Skin food for the mouth after radiotherapy

Blisters and inflammation can also quickly occur outside and inside the mouth, which in turn can lead to unpleasant irritation and pain. This can be particularly stressful during radiotherapy and can occur more frequently. To make eating, drinking and speaking easier again and to enable you to go about your everyday life with ease, you should also adapt your skin care to the individual needs of your skin. With Jalosome® Oral Barrier, you have the right gel to relieve pain and promote the healing of your skin. The gel creates a protective barrier on the oral mucosa and provides it with sufficient moisture.

Medi quality from Germany also in care products

At medi, we understand that true beauty begins with healthy skin. Our high-quality skin care products have been developed with love in Germany to fulfil the individual needs of your skin. We look forward to supporting you not only with medical aids but also with your skin health. Here's to radiant days and healthy skin.

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