Knee compression and more

Knees are susceptible to injuries and a variety of medical conditions, from instability to runner's knee, arthritic knees and many more. These don't only cause a lot of knee pain, but also get in the way of your mobility. Knee compression is one of the most common treatments for a variety of conditions. It reduces knee pain, offers support and can even prevent knee injury. medi offers various knee compression sleeves as well as knee braces to help you live your life more comfortably.

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Different kinds of knee injuries

Lower limb injury is amongst the most frequent of orthopaedic injuries. Within this lower limb category, injury of the knee is most prevalent and amongst the most common type of knee injuries, ligament injuries in the knee can happen to anyone. Especially before, and immediately after surgery the knee can be initially immobilised with a knee brace in order to control range of motion, pain and reduce swelling. medi offers a large range of specialist knee braces and knee supports.

Injuries to the knee are the most common type of injury in alpine ski sport and make up about a third of all injuries. The most frequent injury to skiers used to be fracture of the lower leg. With the introduction of improved high cut boots, the most common accidents are now higher up, in the knee. As a result of carve turns, complex knee injuries have also increased, as the ligament system of the knee is put under additional stress by the increased speed in curves and the consequent increase in centrifugal force. Soft tissues of the knee are the most frequently injured structures, primarily the anterior cruciate ligament.

Knee sleeves and supports

What's the best medical aid for your knee injury or condition depends on a lot of factors. Do you want to support the knee during exercise or do you want to completely immobilise it after surgery? Do you need compression or should there be no pressure? Your doctor will know what support or brace is right for you, so please check with your healthcare provider to find out what's the best treatment for you from the various options that medi offers.

Knee compression sleeves are used to increase blood flow, reduce pain and swelling in the knees. They are flexible, tight-fitting and constantly put a light pressure on the knee. That makes them perfect for the treatment of minor injuries or injuries that are already mostly healed. Athletes also wear a knee compression sleeve if they experience instability in the knee and want to avoid injury from the strain that sporting activities puts on the knee joint, tendons, and muscles.

Knee braces

More serious injuries often need to be immobilised and putting pressure on them would be painful and cause further damage. For these cases, a knee brace is the much better option. A proper knee brace will limit your movement, ensuring that you don't damage your knee further and that it can heal in the optimal position. But there are also knee braces that combine knee compression with the stability of a brace. These can be used in the treatment of a healing meniscus, ostearthritis and much more.

The right fit is essential in order for the knee to heal. That's why most knee braces have straps with which you can adjust the knee brace to the size and shape of your leg.

Caring for your medical aids

Knee braces and supports are often worn for long periods of time in order to provide constant care for the injured or affected knee. The moisture-wicking, fast-drying material helps to transport sweat away from the skin to avoid irritation, but since it's constantly in contact with the skin it should be washed regularly. Each product comes with specific washing instructions that you should check before washing your item the first time.

Generally, the soft and flexible supports can be machine-washed at a low temperature and air-dried since high temperatures can impact the elasticity of the fibres. Rigid parts of braces can simply be wiped clean with a wet cloth and some mild soap. If you are dependent on wearing your compression knee sleeve at all times, it might be helpful to purchase two so that you'll always have a clean one available.

Compression sleeves and more by medi

Providing high quality medical aids is what medi is known for. Our products are developed with patients' well-being in mind and thoroughly checked before they reach you. We're happy to help you with any questions you might have about our products, whether it's finding the right size or seeing which product is right for your injury or health condition.

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