The comfort soft supports from medi

medi offers over 65 years of experience in R&D and the manufacture of compression products. This has enabled us to confidently combine medical efficacy with highly comfortable garments that you will want to wear.

The comfort soft supports from mediThe comfort soft supports from medi

Overview of all the comfort supports

Back supports

  1. Lumbamed sacro
    Lumbamed sacro
    Lumbamed sacro

    back support

    • Modular construction
    • Flexible massage pads
    • Tension straps for pressure adjustment
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  2. Lumbamed maternity
    Lumbamed maternity
    Lumbamed maternity

    back support

    • Fully adjustable fitting possible
    • Comfortable soft material
    • Simple application
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  3. Lumbamed facet
    Lumbamed facet
    Lumbamed facet

    back brace

    • Relieves the joints
    • Doses the intra-abdominal pressure
    • Stabilises the lumbar spine
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Easy handling
1. Ease of use

  • The support is particularly simple to apply with its cleverly positioned hand loops and improved elasticity of the new comfort knit.

2. Anatomically formed

  • Anatomically pre-formed and highly elastic, offering full compressive action and stability.

3. Easy to remove

  • The support can be release with a single finger (due to the new triangular tab).

4. Soft material

  • Soft towelling material on the inside of the fastener for added comfort.

5. Continuous adjustment

  • The fastener can be adjusted easily throughout the day if necessary, to suit your abdominal contour. The edges "flex out" comfortably – especially when sitting (to stop it pressing into or chafing the skin).

Knee supports

Perfect balance between softness and stability
1. Optimised Comfort Zone

  • New ridged structure and diamond-shaped central support section
  • Very comfortable to wear as no pressure on the kneecap due to hollow section
  • Now softer, more discrete and even more elastic

2. Patellar pad with 3D profile

  • Gentle massage effect to reduce swelling
  • Reliable patella tracking

3. Open inner border of the patella ring

  • Minimises the pressure exerted on the kneecap (Comparative test by the Institute for Medical Physics, University of Erlangen / Nuremberg [2009])

4. Non-slip

  • No slippage, even when moving around or partaking in sport

5. Improved elasticity – full compressive effect

  • Anatomical fit
  • Reduces the effort needed for donning

6. New fabric technology

  • Easy donning
  • Comfort with tried-and-tested stability

7. Anti-curl border in the extra-wide variant

  • Fits securely, even for larger thighs (no curling at the edges)
  • Genumedi and Genumedi PT available as extra wide variants

Hand and elbow supports

  1. Manumed

    wrist brace

    • Easy to put on
    • Individually adaptable
    • Breathable material
    As low as £49.99
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  2. Manumed active
    Manumed active
    Manumed active

    wrist support

    • Stabilisation and relief
    • mouldable cuff
    • especially elastic around the thumb
    As low as £35.00
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High comfort in wear
1. Comfort Zone

  • Soft, fine and elastic for noticeably greater user comfort, even in sensitive joint areas

2. Pressure free cuff

  • Prevents constriction

3. Strap opening

  • Relief for the outer hand bone

4. Perfectly sized hand splint

  • Effective support and stabilisation

Ankle supports

  1. Levamed

    ankle support

    • Comfort knit with stretch and relief zone
    • 3D silicone metatarsal pad for massage and to reduce swelling
    • Innovative fabric for a perfect fit
    As low as £44.99
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  2. Achimed

    Achilles tendon support

    • Comfort knit with stretch and relief zone
    • Two-part 3D silicone metatarsal pad for gentle massage
    • Separate heel wedges for tendon relief
    As low as £56.40
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Comfortably fit and massage effect
1. Comfort Zone

  • Soft, fine and elastic for noticeably greater comfort, especially on sensitive joint areas

2. Pressure free cuff

  • Prevents constriction

3. Extra breathable zone on the sole

4. Silicone pad with innovative 3D profile

  • Gentle massage effect
  • Friction dots incorporated into the fabric to improve micro-circulation
  • The ribbed structure profile helps to breakdown any swelling

Patient Guide

Back pain is very common in the UK and often causes employees to take time off work as sick leave. Whether it’s lower back pain, osteoarthritis of the facet joints, intervertebral disc prolapse or lumbago – back pain can affect men and women of all ages.

Knee pain is also very common. The knee is the largest joint in the human body and is often affected by injuries or degenerative changes. The causes of knee pain can range widely.

In many cases, soft supports can help to relieve and stabilise the affected part of the body, ease pain and encourage the healing process. Of course, preventative strengthening exercises does your body a favour in the long run. You will find a series of strengthening exercises for both the back and knee in the specific section of this website, which can be done conveniently at home.

Innovative knitted fabric technology

Innovative knitted fabric technologyInnovative knitted fabric technology
Innovative knitted fabric technologyInnovative knitted fabric technology

medi's comfort knit combines innovative and proven fibre technologies. The fabric is more breathable, softer to the touch and, above all, even more comfortable on the skin – while still retaining the same compressive action to support your muscles and joints. Comfort and ease of use equals successful treatment therapy.

Rediscover real comfort

Comfort Zone

Comfort ZoneComfort Zone

medi supports have soft zones in the sensitive flexor areas and ensure that the support fits comfortably, even when worn for longer periods of time. The new comfort zone is even softer, even sheerer and even more elastic – for more comfort in wear you can feel!

Clima Fresh

Clima FreshClima Fresh

The integrated Clima Fresh function has an antibacterial action and prevents the formation of odours. The material keeps bacteria away from the knit and maintains fibre-deep hygiene.

Clima Comfort

Clima ComfortClima Comfort

Our time-proven Clima Comfort technology has been improved further still thanks to the very latest materials. Moisture is transported outwards quickly and reliably. At the same time, the high breathability improves the air circulation– for a pleasant microclimate all year round.

Fit and elasticity

The new comfort knit is marked by its particularly high elasticity and anatomical fit, because: both longitudinal and transverse elasticity have been considerably increased– while retaining its full compressive effect and stability. So the knit moulds itself even more snugly to the body's anatomy. 

Fibre technology

medi's comfort knit combines new and time-proven fibre technologies. The high-tech fibre together with the new natural eucalyptus fibre ensures optimised moisture management. What's more, the knit is tangibly softer and, above all, more comfortable to wear on the skin.

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