Patient stories

Patient storiesPatient stories

More than just profit

Improving the quality of life of those who aren’t doing so well is worth more than mere profit. This can also be felt where the medical devices are produced: at medi - for people by people, constantly exchanging views and ideas with the users. This is the only way we can react to suggestions and comments, by our commitment to constant further development and improvement for the sake of those people who are entitled to expect our products to improve their quality of life and performance.

"I feel better."

As a manufacturer of medical devices, we focus on how users and patients feel with our products. The feedback enables us to look outside the box of our daily business routine, and reminds us what we are actually working for: making life better for people.

On the following pages you will read moving stories about people who have found their way back to a self-determined life despite their chronic health problems. Products from medi were also used as part of their treatment.

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