Back supports & braces

Back pain is one of the most common ailments that affects patients in the UK. It can be caused by poor posture, sitting for long hours during work, pregnancy and much more. Back supports and back braces can offer pain relief and reduce pressure on the spinal column. medi produces a variety of back support belts and more that offer gentle and flexible support and back pain relief.

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Back supports

Back supports by medi can be used for a wide range of back complaints and disorders. Lower back pain, lumbago, sciatic pain or hollow back can all benefit from wearing back supports which stabilise the back and assist to reduce lordosis. Additional physiotherapy and heat reinforce the pain relief through back supports.

A distinction is made here between an acute pain (lasting not more than 6 weeks) and chronic back pain (more than 6 weeks). Often no exact cause can be established. Doctors talk about “lumbar pain” or “inflammatory conditions of the sacroiliac joint”. The pain often causes what is known as antalgic posture – the upper body is held forwards or slightly to the side, which in turn leads to further muscle tension and further pain. Lumbar back supports such as the Lumbamed basic or Lumbamed plus stabilise the back and reduce the lordosis, i.e. the pelvis is pushed forwards, and the spine is straightened. Additional physiotherapy and heat then relieve the pain, usually within a few days.

Support belts for the lumbar spine

Especially the lower back is susceptible to a number of conditions that can cause pain. Back support belts stabilisie the lumbar spine and can help to reduce lordosis and therefore improving posture long-term. Their main purpose is to offer lower back pain relief so that you can go about your day more comfortably. A high quality support belt offers firm support while the adjustable straps allow for a comfortable wear. Some of the medi back supports have an integrated massage pad.

Benefits of lumbar supports:

  • can relieve pain and support muscles
  • correct alignment of the spine for a healthy posture
  • support the natural curve of the spinal column and can correct lordosis
  • breathable design

Back supports during pregnancy

The added weight that pregnant people carry with them is a huge factor in experiencing back pain. A maternity belt is meant to help carry and redistribute that weight as well as relieve pressure. It supports the back muscles and stabilises the lumbar spine. Support belts can also counter hyperlordosis due to the pregnancy. It's important to note that a back support belt doesn't replace exercises to help you strengthen your core. You should always check with your doctor if a maternity belt is right for you.

Back braces

Back braces provide stability. They can be very effective at improving back posture or as part of the treatment and management of back pain caused by sciatica, spondylosis, osteochondrosis or fractures, including after back surgery. Wearing back orthoses can also assist the treatment of osteoporosis in cases of damage to the spine caused by vertebral fractures. In addition to drug therapy and medical physiotherapy, back braces straighten the damaged vertebral column and support the strengthening of the weakened back muscles. Rigid braces work best to correct posture. There are also more flexible braces that provide added support.

Finding the right back support or back brace for your needs

Which product is right for you always depends on your individual condition. Before deciding on a support, you should always get professional medical advice from your doctor to ensure that the back support or brace is actually what you need. Choosing the wrong support could do more harm than good. If you have any questions about medi products, please don't hesitate to contact us! We’re happy to help you.

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