Cervical collars for the neck

Neck pain can have many causes, such as trauma to the cervical spine like whiplash injuries, strains of the neck muscles or nerve compression. Cervical collars are a great way to stabilize the neck and treat neck pain, since they keep the neck in a neutral position and relieve pressure on the spine by providing support for the head and chin. medi offers soft neck collars for adults and children.

Benefits of cervical collars

Cervical collars are used to support the neck and limit your movement so that any injuries can heal safely and you don't accidentally cause more harm to your neck. The range of conditions a neck collar can help with is wide. Some of them are:

  • cervical fractures
  • whiplash after car accidents
  • unstable cervical spine
  • osteoarthritis in the neck
  • rheumatic pain
  • recovery after neck surgery

The way cervical collars work is by limiting the cervical spine motion, keeping the neck in a neutral position, therefore allowing it to heal without any further strain on the cervical spine. Apart from offering neck immobilization, soft collars also take some of the strain of holding up the head and chin, relieving pressure on the neck. This can offer great pain relief for trauma patients.

But cervical collars are not only used for patients with some kind of neck injury. There are conditions that can cause neck pain without any previous trauma, such as osteoarthritis. This inflammation of the bone doesn't just benefit from the support but also from the warmth that a soft collar provides.

Soft cervical collars for children and adults

Neck injuries or pain are always a cause for concern, especially when they affect children. It's often harder for kids to remember to rest their neck, so cervical collars help them by restricting their neck movement while still being comfortable to wear. The medi collars for children come in a kid-friendly design and appropriate sizes. The cervical collars for adults are kept in a neutral colour, so that patients don't have to draw constant attention to their ailment. There are also different sizes available for adults to ensure the best support and comfort.

Soft and rigid collars

If complete head and neck immobilization is necessary, rigid cervical collars are the right choice. These are usually used for a spinal cord injury following trauma. This is why it's absolutely necessary that you get professional medical help if you experience spinal trauma or neck pain. The doctor will determine how serious the injury is and whether you need a rigid or soft cervical collar. Often, soft collars are prescribed once a rigid collar is no longer necessary.

Expert medical aids by medi

The German company medi has been developing and constantly improving medical aids for more than a century. Our range includes not just orthopaedic supplies such as braces and supports, we are also known for our high quality compression garments. If you would like any more information about our products, please get in touch via our website. We're happy to help you with any questions or concerns you might have.

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