Epico ROM kidz elbow orthosis

  • Flexion and extension 0°-120°
  • Extended hand support
  • Slip-resistant upper arm padding


A wide variety of conditions of the elbow and lower arm require immobilisation at a specific angle. The medi Epico ROM®s Kidz is an elbow brace for children that allows mobilisation with immobilisation of the elbow joint. The proximal radioulnar articulation (part of the elbow joint) is immobilised. The brace allows the angle of the proximal radioulnar joint to be set in 10-degree steps from 0° (completely straight) to 120° (sharply bent). This ensures an individual mobilisation of the elbow joint appropriate to the stage of rehabilitation. The excellent material of the extended hand support provides more comfort, even in the case of severe swelling. Slip-resistant upper arm padding gives a secure fit. The pads can be easily shortened, thus allowing the support to be adapted to fit the individual patient.

The elbow support medi Epico ROM®s Kidz can be used when an early functional mobilisation with limitation of movement of the elbow joint and a simultaneous immobilisation of the proximal radioulnar joint is required. Thus, the medi Epico ROM®s Kidz splint for the elbow is used in:

  • Surgical fixation of the inner (medial) and/or outer (lateral) collateral ligaments
  • Nonsurgical (conservative) treatment of elbow dislocations
  • Surgical treatment after elbow dislocations with associated bone injuries (elbow fracture-dislocation)
  • Reconstruction of the inner (medial) and outer (lateral) collateral ligaments
  • Surgical treatment of biceps or triceps ruptures
  • Fractures of the head of the radius (conservative / postoperative)
  • Treatment following insertion of a prosthesis
  • Distal humeral fractures with (conservative / postoperative)
The elbow brace was developed specially for children: the modern and child-oriented design in jeans look convinces the young patients. The adaptable upper arm padding and the low total weight of the brace made from 100 percent aluminium increases wearing comfort. Furthermore, the support is easy to handle thanks to the Quick-Set hinge.

At the same time, the adjustable limitation of movement can lead to a reduction in movement-related pain. The hand support prevents inward and outward rotation (pronation and supination) of the lower arm, which assists the healing process.

Intended purpose:medi Epico ROMs Kidz is an elbow brace for mobilisation with immobilisation of the proximal radioulnar articulation.


medi confidence in textiles

All compression garments and compression pantyhose (round knit and flat knit), anti-embolism stockings and supports are regularly tested to OEKO-TEX Standard 100 for human ecological harmful substances and assessed. The awarding of the certificate OEKO-TEX Standard 100 guarantees tested quality that safeguards your health.

Washing Instructions

Wash 30 Do not iron Hand wash Do not bleach No drier Do not dry clean
Wash 30 Do not iron Can be washed by hand at 30 degrees. Do not bleach Do not tumble dry Do not dry clean


All indications that require early functional mobilisation of the elbow joint with limitation of the range of motion and immobilisation of the proximal radioulnar articulation, such as:
  • Surgical fixation of medial and/or lateral collateral ligaments
  • Conservative therapy of dislocated elbows
  • Surgery on dislocated elbow fractures
  • Medial or lateral collateral ligament reconstructive surgery
  • Surgically treated bicep or tricep tears
  • Ensuring a positive outcome for healing following prosthetic limb treatmentConservative care of elbow instabilities, with or without other injuries

Contra Indications

  • Wound healing issues and wound infections
  • Skin issues when open wounds are present
  • Concomitant neurological damage, e.g. ulnar nerve
  • Compartment syndrome


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