Neck supports

Neck supports can help to relieve or prevent discomfort of the cervical spine. Whiplash injuries or excessive strain on the neck muscles are just a few examples causing the most common symptoms of neck pain like muscle ache, stiff pain, nerve pain or headache. medi’s neck supports provide stabilisation and support to the cervical spine and keep the neck warm. Neck pain relief is the first step to a better quality of life and can be achieved with medi neck supports.

When to use a neck support

Neck supports like a cervical collar are used to treat neck pain and stabilise the cervical vertebrae. Neck injuries are a common reason why patients need head and neck immobilization. Whiplash after a car accident is a frequent neck injury that can be treated with a neck collar, but they are also used after neck surgery to aid recovery. Neck supports are also utilised in the treatment of chronic and acute conditions, such as torticollis, rheumatic pain, cervical spine syndrome and osteoarthritis. As with any medical aids, you should always ask your doctor about the right therapy for your individual condition. You physician will also advise you on the right size for a neck collar, how to put it on correctly and for how long to wear it.

The many benefits of soft cervical collars

Soft collars offer comfortable support. The neck and the cervical spine are kept in a neutral position, and the collar offers chin support as well. Another benefit of neck collars is that they provide gentle heat therapy by encasing the neck in soft, warming material. The skin-friendly material and lightweight design makes it possible to wear the collars for long periods of time without any discomfort.

medi neck collars are available in different sizes and depths to ensure maximum support for you. In our shop you also find neck supports for children with adjusted sizes and a kid-friendly design.

Summary of the benefits:

  • provide support for neck, chin and head
  • reduce neck movement that could lead to further injury
  • reduce pain
  • heat therapy
  • comfortable to wear

Caring for your neck collar

Wearing a neck collar for long periods of time means that it needs to be cleaned. If you're using the collar after a traumatic injury, it's most likely not meant for long term use. In this case you can simply wash it once you no longer require the neck support and restricted movement. Neck collars shouldn't be machine washed, we recommend handwashing at a low temperature and letting it air-dry. If you use a neck support for a chronic condition such as arthritis, ideally wash it in the evening and let it dry overnight. You can also buy a second neck collar, so you always have a clean and dry one available.

Your expert for supports and braces: medi

The company medi offers patients high quality orthopaedic supports and braces for the whole body, whether for trauma patients or people with acute or chronic illnesses. The neck collars and various other supports are produced in Germany under strict quality guidelines and are thoroughly checked before they are sold. If you have any questions regarding our products or which would be the right one for you, please don't hesitate to contact us! We're happy to help in any way we can.

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