medi It Stays 60 mls
body adhesive

  • Roll-on bottle for ease of use
  • Washes off with water
  • For all compression garments

medi It Stays - gentle roll-on body adhesive.


  • Water soluble adhesive designed to hold compression garments and other apparel in place
  • Pliable and moves with body, eliminating the discomfort often associated with garters or grip bands
  • Readily washes off with water leaving no stains
  • Simply roll onto skin and press garments in place
I wish I had been told about this product when I was first prescribed compression garments, instead, I spent six months getting stressed by the way the top of the stockings would roll down and dig in. The glue is surprisingly sticky but washes off easily and I would absolutely not be without it.
This product is fantastic!
It holds the TED compression stocking top in place and stops it rolling down. This is more comfortable, and as a result makes it easier to move around normally.
I have used this product for the first time, it does what it says, I am just glad I do not have hairy legs anymore.
Chris Peacher
Unfortunately this product did not work for me. I have open toe stockings and closed toe tights. tried to product on the stockings hoping to stop the roll back when putting on the tights, but it did not work still experienced the roll back.
was a bit dubious at first did not think it would hold the stockings up all day but just to prove me wrong it did and they are compression stockings so they have to on a long time ! so it definitely works and washes off with ease
was sceptical at first but this stuff really works

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