Skin care for men

Skin care for menSkin care for men

Care instructions for men's skin

Men are different – and naturally so. Compared with women's skin, men's skin is thicker, more resistant, has twice the blood supply and has a lower pH. But no matter how different the physical conditions are between the sexes, men and women can use some of the same skin care items: namely those for the legs.

Yes, male patients with venous disorders should also care for their skin under compression socks. Otherwise it starts to itch to draw attention to itself. Special skin care products such as gels, creams and sprays offer quick and simple relief.

Particularly if you have venous disease and wear compression socks every day, you should use your wife / partner’s special skin care products as well or buy your own.

High-tech for the skin

The "rubber stockings" of yesteryear and the modern compression garments of today are worlds apart. Thanks to decades of development work and the use of innovative production processes, comfort in wear, hygiene and look have improved beyond all recognition. Air-permeable high-tech fibres (Clima Comfort in medi compression garments) ensure a pleasant microclimate of the skin. Silver ions in the toe (mediven elegance) or even in the whole garment (mediven forte) have an antibacterial action. The garments exert a defined pressure and narrow the distended veins from the outside. The venous valves close better again and pump the blood back to the heart. It also flows more quickly through the veins, thus preventing the development of oedema and thromboses.

Why does my skin itch?

The blood can no longer circulate properly due to venous disease and the skin stores less moisture. It is pressed from the deeper layers of the skin up to the surface where it evaporates. The result: the skin's moisture balance loses its natural equilibrium. The skin becomes dry and itches. But there's something you can do about it.

What can I do?

Help your skin and give it the moisture it needs from the outside. Quite simply, by massaging special products into your skin in the mornings and evenings. Ideally with the high-quality skin care products from medi.
Important: when choosing the products, remember the different needs of your skin: during the day, it needs to be cooled and refreshed, while at night, the moisture balance needs to be restored and the upper skin layer given the chance to calm down.

What else?

Conventional care products can attack the material of your compression garment. This is why you should only use products that are specially matched to the compression garment. With the medi skin care range, you can be sure that only tried-and-tested and high-quality active ingredients are used that do not damage the stocking.

How do the care products work?

There is a skin care gel from medi for during the day (medi day), a skin care cream for at night (medi night), and a cooling spray for in between (medi fresh).
Here is a summary of the most important constituents and their effects:

  • Hamamelis Virginia: the active substance in this medicinal plant (witch-hazel) is known for its vessel-sealing effect.
  • Horse chestnut: this medicinal plant acts to tone up vessel walls and restore the resilience of the venous system.
  • Menthol: has a pleasantly cooling action and refreshes.
  • Jojoba oil: the oil of the jojoba plant calms and regenerates the skin and inhibits the growth of bacteria.
  • Urea: this rich and healing active substance binds moisture.
  • Hops: the anti-inflammatory power of hops soothes the skin and inhibits the growth of bacteria.
  • Marigold: helps inhibit inflammation and heal wounds.
  • Panthenol: moisturises and promotes wound healing.

Summary: High-quality products make the blood vessels more resilient, prevent annoying itching and inhibit the growth of bacteria. This is exactly why they play such an important role in compression treatment. You will be surprised at how easily you can integrate these in your daily routine and how quickly you will feel better.

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