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  • Sterile and ready to use
  • Fast and largely painless wound cleansing
  • Non-allergic ingredients
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Wound cleansing is an important part of wound therapy, because only a clean wound can heal. 
UCS Debridement is a sterile, ready-to-use debridement cloth for cleansing and moisturising the wound, wound edge and the surrounding skin. 
Ingredients such as Poloxamer and Allantoin are cell-friendly and non-allergic, dissolve and remove biofilm as well as necrotic tissue and promote cell regeneration. The solution also keeps the wound region moist and elastic and thus supports the healing process(1, 2, 3).
The special structure of the viscose cloth encloses wound debris between the fibres, allowing for gentle and largely painless cleansing of the wound.
Wound debridement and management – the T.I.M.E.S. approach(4)
Wounds are complex. In order to allow a wound to heal, there are several things to consider. The concept T.I.M.E.S. promotes a holistic approach to chronic wound management and maximises the potential for wound healing. UCS Debridement covers all areas of the T.I.M.E.S. approach:
  • T - Tissue management: repetitive and maintenance debridement as well as wound cleansing to remove barriers and encourage healing (4, 5, 6) 
  • I - Inflammation and infection control: Barriers to healing such as biofilm or bacterial or fungal organisms must be treated aggressively and promptly (4 ,5)
  • M - Moisture balance: essential for positive outcomes in wound healing, restore it in order to provide wound healing (4, 5)
  • E - Epithelial (edge) advancement: re-establishment of epithelialisation and restoration of skin function (4, 5)
  • S - Surrounding skin: removal of hyperkeratosis and rehydration of dry skin to minimise potential infection / inflammation (7)
Product features:
  • Sterile and ready to use debridement cloth
  • Autolytic and mechanical debridement in a single product
  • High amount of cleansing solution already included
  • Non-allergic ingredients and a cloth made of viscose for a reduced risk of allergic reactions
  • Contained Poloxamer 188 disperses and sequesters disrupted biofilm, Pseudomonas, MRSA, necrotic tissue and prevents reformation of biofilm over a three day period (1)
  • Included Allantoin promotes cell formation, removes necrotic tissue and moisturises the skin (2)
  • Aloe barbadensis leaf extract has an anti-inflammatory, anti-septic effect and at the same time cares for the perilesional skin and promotes its regeneration (8)
  • Special structure of the cloth incloses slough between the fibres, so that there is no need for high pressures during the debridement action – for a gentle wound cleansing
  • Both sides of the cloth can be used 
  • High resistance to stretch and torsion to avoid tearing of the wipe 
  • Compatible with all modern wound dressings
  • Does not contain latex, alcohol, parabens, glycerine
Product Benefits:
  • Cost- and time-saving: no preparation or further products required, as cleansing solution is already contained (9)
  • Promotes wound healing by removing wound healing inhibiting factors (biofilms, Pseudomonas, MRSA, necrotic tissue) (1)
  • Moisturises the skin and provides a moist wound environment to promote the natural wound healing process
  • Fullfills the EWMA requirements concerning Debridement: cleanses and moisturises the wound bed, wound edges and the surrounding skin (10)
Intended purpose:
Sterile system for initial and maintenance wound debridement, cleansing and hydration of the peri-lesional area as well as the whole limb.
(1) Percival SL et al. Surfactants and their role in wound cleansing and biofilm management. J Wound Care 2017;26(11):680-690.
(2) Araújo LU et al. Profile of wound healing process induced by allantoin. Acta Cir Bras 2010;25(5): 460-6.
(3) Palumbo FP et al. A new ulcer cleansing system in themanagement of „non-healing“ ulcers in elderly, PosterPresentation Tissue Viability Society, Kettering 2013.
(4) Harding K et al. Simplifying venous leg ulcer management. Consensus recommendations. Wounds International 2015.
(5) O’Donnell T F et al. Management of venous leg ulcers: Clinical practice guidelines of the Society for Vascular Surgery® and the American Venous Forum. J Vasc Surg,2014;60(2):3S-59S.
(6) European Wound Management Association (EWMA). Position Document: Wound Bed Preparation in Practice. London: MEP Ltd, 2004.
(7) Wounds UK. Best Practice Statement: Holistic management of venous leg ulceration. Wounds UK. 2016.
(8) Rajeswari R et al. Aloe vera: the miracle plant. Itsmedicinal and traditional uses in India. J Pharmacognosy Phytochem 2012;1(4):118.
(9) Khatun S. Demystifying debridement and wound cleansing, Journal of Community Nursing 2016;30(2):26 -30.
(10) Strohal R et al. EWMA Document: Debridement. J Wound Care. 2013;22 Suppl(1):S1-S52.


Properties Manufacturer ID UCS Welcare

Manufacturer: Welcare, Via S. Giovanni sul muro 18, 20121 Milano, Italy


Chronic wounds

  • Acute wounds
  • 1° and 2° degree burns
  • Fistulas and abscesses
  • Peristomal skin
  • Ports of entry of catheters, PEG / PEJ
  • Removal of bandages encrusted to the wound

Contra Indications

None known at present

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