medi classic knee brace

  • Knee immobilisation
  • Easy donning and doffing
  • Individual adjustment


medi Classic is a knee brace for immobilisation of the knee joint. There are two variants of the brace: one for immobilisation in an extended (0°) position, the other for immobilisation in a flexed (20°) position. The open wrap design makes it easy to don and doff – without having to flex the knee. Thanks to the three-part design and hook and loop fastener, the brace can be individually and accurately adjusted to the leg circumference of the wearer.

The medi Classic brace is used for immobilisation of the knee joint in an extended or flexed position. This is, for example, necessary for these indications:

  • following ligament injuries (posttraumatic / postoperative)
  • following meniscus injuries (posttraumatic / postoperative)
  • following tendon injuries (posttraumatic / postoperative)
  • following patella dislocations
  • following fractures around the the knee

By immobilising the joint, the brace can reduce pain. medi Classic also convinces with its handling and comfort: the product's stabilising rods can be removed and adapted for a perfect fit. An additional advantage of the knee brace: the comfortable and skin-friendly material is washable.

Product benefits:

  • Immobilisation in extended (0°) position or in flexed position (20°)
  • The immobilisation of the knee joint can lead to a reduction in pain
  • Open wrap design for easy don and doff - without to flex the knee
  • Individually adjustable to leg circumference by threepart design and hook-and-loop fastener
  • Comfortable, skin friendly and washable material
  • Removable and adjustable stabilisation bars

Intended purpose:

medi Classic are braces for immobilising the knee.

Material Composition

Aluminium, Cotton, Polyester, PU foam

Washing Instructions

No drier Wash 30 Do not bleach Do not dry clean Do not iron Hand wash
Do not tumble dry Wash 30 Do not bleach Do not dry clean Do not iron Can be washed by hand at 30 degrees.


For all indications which require immobilisation of the knee joint in an extended/bended position, such as: 

  • Following ligament injury (posttraumatic/post-operative)
  • Following meniscal injury (posttraumatic/post-operative)
  • Following tendon injury (posttraumatic/post-operative)
  • Following patellar dislocation
  • Following fractures in proximity to the knee joint

Contra Indications

None known at present


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