knee support

£ 69.99
  • Non-slip system
  • Specially knitted Comfort Zones
  • Available in 2 colours
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The Genumedi knee support assists your knee and comes with a removable patella silicone ring. The massage effect achieved by the compressive fabric and silicone insert improves the blood circulation and leads to rapid reduction of haematomas and oedemas. Furthermore the seamless, tailored knee support improves proprioception and therefore improves muscular support (stabilisation of the knee).


  • Silicone ring enclosing the patella
  • Non-slip system with textured silicone running medially and laterally
  • Elastic, breathable and moisture-transporting Clima Comfort fabric.
  • Specially knitted Comfort Zone takes pressure off the back of the knee and prevents constriction
  • Maximum pressure relief for the patella provided by wide silicone ring
  • Extra wide thigh option with topband (from size IV, silver and sand) available from stock
The elaborately worked knit ensures a balanced microclimate of the skin. Moisture is transported reliably and quickly from the inner surface to evaporate from the outer surface. At the same time, the material’s active breathing structure guarantees the necessary oxygen supply.
The integrated Clima Fresh function has antibacterial actions and reliably prevents odour formation. Bacteria are kept away from the knit to maintain fibre-deep hygiene.
Soft zones in the sensitive flexor areas ensure that the support does not press on or cut into the skin, even when worn all day long.
Material Composition
Polyamide, Polyester, Elastane
Washing Instruction

Can be washed at 30 degrees.

Quality Standard
Genumedi<sup class='copyrighthigh'>®</sup> knee support
  • Slight instability of the knee joint
  • Articular effusions and swellings
  • Chronic postoperative and post-traumatic inflammation
  • Patellar chondropathy
  • Osteoarthritis and arthritis
  • Damage to the meniscus
  • Patellofemoral pain syndrome

No general side effects are known. However, if supports (or similar aids) are too tight, local pressure effects or constriction of blood vessels or nerves may occur in individuals. If you have any of the following complaints please conult your doctor before using the brace:

  • Diseases or injuries of the skin in the area of use, especially with inflammatory symptoms (excessive warming, swelling or reddening)
  • Sensitivity and perfusion disorders of the legs or feet (e.g. in the case of diabetes)
  • Lymph outflow disorders, as well as undiagnosed swellings of soft tissues, apart from the area of use

Any combination with other products (e.g. compression stockings) must be discussed in advance with the responsible doctor.

My son's knees dislocate and the support is doing a reasonably good job of stabilizing the knee, but it's not perfect. The Muscles still push the knee out and my son still collapses, albeit the knee does not come all the way out and recovery is faster because of that. The metal hinge appears to be glued to the main support and after a few months has come apart. Hence the order for a new one. Should have been able to get this on the NHS, but the waiting time for an appointment would have meant my son would have been vulnerable for many weeks. Given the price, I would have hoped for longer durability.

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