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medi Epico active elbow orthoses

A helping hand for common complaints

Our elbows are used so much every day: writing, lifting or sports all make different demands on the joint. A healthy elbow joint can be bent, straightened and rotated. It is very important to immobilise the joint after an injury or operation. The elbow supports from medi can be adjusted individually to specifically rest the individual elbow.

Overstrain of the forearm muscles can result in pain, due to inflammation of the muscle origins. Colloquially this is known as golfer's or tennis elbow, even though it affects people who do not play either sport. Epicondylitis straps relieve tension on the affected muscle and tendon areas to help reduce the symptoms.

The hand consists of many different muscles, bone and tendons. Stressing the hand too much can result in irritative conditions and pain. The hand must then be rested and the patient is impeded in their daily activities. Wrist supports relieve the joint and help avoid movements that hamper healing.