Wide-ranging treatment concepts from medi

medi offers a holistic approach to patient management concepts. This enables a wide range of clinical conditions to be treated with the very latest innovative medical devices following the patient care pathway from beginning to end, at every stage, and for virtually every indication.

medi offers valuable support in everyday patient care from the very first diagnosis to long-term therapy and promotes patient self-management. medi's holistic treatment concepts link up doctors, therapists and patients from the outset and make it possible to care for patients in compliance with the indications and guidelines.

For example, medi's wound treatment concept combines the acute treatment phase with relapse prevention to generate new potentials and, above all, to improve the quality of life for patients with chronic wounds.

Treatment concepts from medi
New approaches to successful wound therapy

Wound Care concept

medi is charting a new course in the treatment of chronic wounds. The innovative therapy concept is a combination of effective wound debridement and elastic as well as inelastic compression garments.

The conjunction of acute phase care and prevention of recurrence shortens the treatment period, provides for the economical use of materials and enables the patient to become his or her own therapist.

The outcome is improved well-being, increased patient adherence and rapid healing of venous leg ulcers.

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medi World of Compression

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