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medi Epico ROM®s

Elbow brace for early functional mobilisation

  • Adjustable flexion and extension limitation
  • Extended and soft hand rest for greater wearing comfort
  • Non-slip and flexibly adjustable upper arm cushion

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medi Epico ROM®s elbow brace for mobilisation

medi Epico ROM®s is an elbow brace for incremental mobilisation of the elbow with simultaneous immobilisation of the proximal radioulnar articulation.
The flexion and extension stops are adjustable in increments of 10 from extension (0°) up to a sharply angled position (120°).
This way, the range of movement of the brace can be adjusted to the respective stage of rehabilitation.

The extended hand rest of the medi Epico ROM®s splint, with its soft material, ensures greater comfort - even for swollen hands.
The non-slip upper arm pads are simple to shorten, so that they mould themselves comfortably to the upper arm: the brace offers a secure fit and provides support throughout the day, during physiotherapy and during mobilisation exercises.

The elbow brace can be used when both early functional mobilisation, with limitation of the range of movement of the elbow joint, and immobilisation of the proximal radioulnar articulation, are required at the same time.
Thus, the medi Epico ROM®s splint for the elbow can be used for:

  • surgical refixation of the inner (medial) and / or outer (lateral) ligaments
  • non-operative (conservative) treatment of dislocation of the elbow (elbow dislocation)
  • surgical treatment  following dislocation of the elbow with associated bone injury (elbow fracture-dislocation)
  • inner (medial) and outer (lateral) ligament repair
  • operatively treated biceps or triceps ruptures
  • radial head fracture (conservative, postoperative)
  • securing the outcome of healing  following implantation of a prosthesis
  • distal fracture of the humerus (conservative, postoperative)

The hand rest prevents harmful rotation (pronation and supination movements) of the forearm.
Bending (flexion) and straightening (extension) of the arm can be easily adjusted to the patient's needs with the flat Quick-Set hinge, which guarantees a therapeutically appropriate mobilisation of the joint. This way the elbow brace not only promotes the healing process, but it can also reduce pain on movement.

The adjustable flexion and extension stops allow an early functional mobilisation of the elbow within a defined range of movement.
Thanks to the pleasant material and the low overall weight, the medi Epico ROM®s is also very comfortable to wear.


Product benefits

  • Immobilisation of the elbow joint by fixation of the upper and lower arm
  • Joint movement is limited to 0°-120°  to guarantee ROM appropriate to the stage of rehabilitation
  • Prevention of movements that can cause luxation or subluxation
  • Prevention of pronation and supination movement due to hand rest

Intended purpose

medi Epico ROMs is an elbow brace for mobilisation with immobilisation of the proximal radioulnar articulation.


Standard colours

Material components

Aluminum, PU foam, Cotton


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Medical specifications


All indications that require early functional mobilisation of the elbow joint with limitation of the range of motion and immobilisation of the proximal radioulnar articulation, such as:

  • Surgical fixation of medial and/or lateral collateral ligaments
  • Conservative therapy of dislocated elbows
  • Surgery on dislocated elbow fractures
  • Medial or lateral collateral ligament reconstructive surgery
  • Surgically treated bicep or tricep tears
  • Treatment of radial head fracture (nonsurgical, postoperative)
  • Treatment following insertion of a prothesis
  • Distal humeral fractures (nonsurgical, postoperative)


  • Concomitant neurological damage, e.g. ulnar nerve
  • Compartment syndrome

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