The mediven leg ulcer kit

Effective compression therapy for the treatment of venous leg ulcers for up to 24 hours a day

mediven leg ulcer kit

Why use a 2-layer hosiery kit?

mediven ulcer kit plus wound therapy

Two-layer hosiery kits should be considered to treat venous leg ulcers in cases where wounds are small enough to be contained in an occlusive dressing with exudate well contained in the primary dressing. Two-layer hosiery kits are perfect for patients with little oedema and those that present with a good limb shape.

The mediven leg ulcer kit provides continuous, effective compression around the clock and is easy to put on due to its two components 1.

The white liner stocking ‘mediven ulcer’ will not only help to keep wound dressings in place, with 20 mmHg compression pressure, it can be worn for up to 24 hours and offers therapeutically effective therapy, even at night 2, 3. Its soft material with antibacterial effect ensures a comfort when wearing and helps the donning process of the outer stocking which simply glides over the liner stocking 4.

During the day, when the wearer is most active, the outer stocking ‘mediven ulcer plus’ is worn on top of the mediven ulcer liner increasing the compression on the leg to the recommended 40mmHg 5.

More information about the improved mediven leg ulcer kit


The new and improved mediven ulcer liner

The mediven ulcer liner has been completely redesigned to aid application and comfort. The new liner is made of silky material which aids application, feels soft on the skin and was developed to make application of over-stocking very simple. Special knitting techniques around the ankle flexure make it very comfortable and takes away the bunching of material that often occurs. It also offers an anti-bacterial effect and can be washed at high temperatures to maintain good hygiene.

Product benefits:

  • Compression at the ankle 20 mmHg.
  • Colour marking knitted-in at the heel region for exact positioning.
  • Soft upper cuff.
  • Knitting technique at ankle flexure makes it comfortable to wear and prevents compression bunching over this vulnerable area.
  • Yarn of the ulcer stocking and inside of the outer stocking is specifically made to improve application process.
  • Antibacterial effect and can be washed at very high degrees in the washing machine.

How to don your mediven leg ulcer kit


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