UCS debridement

The complete debridement option

UCS debridement from medi

Unique system of care

UCS provides a clinically and cost-effective solution for wound debridement. UCS is a sterile, pre-moistened cloth - no additional products are needed, therefore minimising the risk of infection to patients and reducing the cost to the health service.

Unique features of UCS debridement:

UCS debridement has some unique features which optimise wound debridement, allow accurate wound assessment and promote wound healing:

  • fibres of the cloth trap and remove slough and debris, soft and malleable to comfortably treat the most complex of wounds
  • a keratolytic that softens and loosens dead skin
  • a surfactant which provides a deep clean, removing biofilm and debris
  • a moisturiser to soothe the wound and surrounding tissue

UCS benefits

  • Gentle on patients' skin, helps to reduce the odour of wounds
  • Used to clean and hydrate the whole limb
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Supporting the healing process

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