Available on prescription from 1 December 2021

duomed® soft 2easy® - unique 2 piece compression stocking

  • Compression to support patient motivation and engagement
  • Compression class 1 can be used first line in the absence of  'red flags'
duomed® soft 2easy®

duomed® soft 2easy® - compression innovation from a UK based Dermatologist

duomed® soft 2easy® was the brainchild of Dr Rob Lister who, after many years in the clinical field, recognised a worrying trend amongst patients failing to wear the compression devices needed to manage vascular conditions and chronic oedema.

Talking to patients, he found that a big issue was that the compressive nature of the standard one-piece garments made them difficult to put on or take off, especially for those who struggled to bend down or had dexterity issues.

The fact that duomed® soft 2easy® is a two-piece rather than a singular garment makes it much easier to get over the foot and past the ankle. The easy donning and doffing of duomed soft® 2easy® compression will drastically improve the quality of life for thousands of people living with vascular and chronic oedema.


Further information on duomed® soft 2easy®


duomed® soft 2easy® is a unique 2 piece system comprising of an anklet and a calf sleeve. The material is the same as our well-established duomed soft® fabric which offers a soft silky feel, making it the perfect material to develop duomed® soft 2easy®. The anklet part is applied first and then the calf sleeve slides over the anklet until the bottom of the calf sleeve lines up with the pink triangle at the top of the anklet.  This makes putting on and taking off compression very easy. duomed® soft 2easy® is supplied as a pair (2 anklets and 2 calf pieces).

How to apply duomed® soft 2easy®

Features and benefits of duomed® soft 2easy®

  • Offers light graduated compression - BS ccl1 or BS ccl2
  • Available in black or sand and a wide range of sizes
  • Below knee closed toe style
  • Latex free
  • Unique 2 piece system

  • For the management of mild/early signs of venous disease and/or leg swelliing
  • Promotes excellent patient compliance
  • Very easy to put on
  • Comfortable to wear
  • 3 month guarantee of daily wear

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