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The British Healthcare Trades Association

The British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA) is the UK's oldest and largest healthcare association, founded in 1917.

The logo

When a company displayed the BHTA badge in the past it simply meant they were a member of Britain's longest established healthcare trades association.

Now, that logo has been combined with the TSI Approved Code logo. That's because the BHTA Code of Practice has been granted approval under the Consumer Codes Approval Scheme (CCAS), run by the Trading Standards Institute. Only BHTA member companies can display the two together. BHTA is the first trade body within the health industry to have a TSI approved code.

The TSI only approves codes that have proved effective in safeguarding and promoting the interests of consumers beyond the basic requirements of the law. All BHTA members have agreed:

  • To protect pre-payments or deposits paid by consumers in the event that a BHTA member is unable to meet a promise to deliver goods or services
  • Not to use high-pressure selling techniques, and encourage a carer or advisor to be present during home visits
  • Where cancellation rights apply or are offered, to issue a ‘cancellation card' with all contracts, making it easier for customers to cancel within the cooling off period
  • To ensure that consumers have access to a free independent redress scheme if things go wrong

More information

The BHTA has also ensured that independent disciplinary procedures are in place to deal with non-compliant members, including warnings and ultimately termination of membership.

More information about the BHTA TSI code