Lower Limb

Compression hosiery and wraps

Solutions to support your legs and feet

In certain patients who are unable to have an ABPI recorded, but have no 'red flags' according to peripheral arterial disease guidelines, a soft and low compression garment, such as duomed soft, can be used whilst awaiting a specialist assessment. In those who are able to have an ABPI or TBI assessment, stronger compression can be fitted which will address the condition, thereby reducing the risk of the limb getting larger, or other comorbidities, eg cellulitis risk getting worse. Round knit garments are mostly useful with venous / mild chronic oedema. Flat knit garments are mostly useful in lymphoedema / chronic oedema. Compression wraps can be used to reduce the limb size in the event of lymphoedema / chronic oedema, or if a patient would struggle to apply compression and wishes to be self-caring.