mv mondi & cosy made-2-measure

Flat-knit fabric - tips for ordering

Mondi Made to Measure - Tips For Ordering

How to order mondi or cosy made-2-measure on FP10

mediven mondi and mediven cosy made-to-measure are both now available on FP10 in the following range of colours - caramel, sand, cashmere, black, navy, anthracite, blue jeans, grey, medi magenta, mango yellow and avocado green ... and at no extra cost!

We have made it simple to order and simple to measure.

mv mondi and cosy made-2-measure order form

Once you've downloaded your made-2-measure form

  • Ensure all relevant sections are completed, including patient name and number
  • Attach to a prescription for "mediven mondi flat knit made-to-measure" or "mediven cosy flat knit made-to-meausre"
  • Note to Pharmacy: please advise us if invoice and delivery address are different

mediven mondi® product codes:

PRODUCT STYLE ccl 1 ccl 2 ccl 3
mondi below knee DTMK1 DTMK2 DTMK3
mondi thigh length DTMK1 DTMK2 DTMK3
mondi thigh length w/waist att DTMW1 DTMW2 DTMW3
mondi one legged panty DTMOP1 DTMOP2 DTMOP3
mondi tights n/a DTMTG2 DTMTG3

mediven cosy product codes:

PRODUCT STYLE ccl 1 ccl 2 ccl 3
cosy below knee DTCK1 DTCK2 DTCK3
cosy thigh length DTCT1 DTCT2 DTCT3
cosy thigh length w/waist att DTCW1 DTCW2 DTCW3
cosy tights DTCTG1 DTCTG2 DTCTG3


Add (if applicable)

Silicone Top BandDTTB
Closed ToeDTTOE

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