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Manumed T

Wrist brace for immobilisation with thumb support

  • generous opening in the support for easy donning
  • aluminium splint individually mouldable to the hand
  • breathable material for pleasant comfort in wear

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Manumed T support for wrist and thumb

 Manumed T is a wrist brace with a thumb support that immobilises the wrist, the joint at the base of the thumb and the saddle joint of the thumb. The user simply slips his hand into the support. The integrated securing loops make it easy to put on with one hand. The aluminium splint can be moulded individually to the hand and the breathable medi Airtex material ensures that it is comfortable to wear. The wrist brace with thumb support is, among other things, suitable for sprains (strains) of the wrist or thumb, after operations in these areas or for injuries of the collateral ligament of the joint at the base of the thumb. The brace can also be helpful during inflammatory phases of rheumatic diseases or wear and tear of the saddle joint of the thumb (rhizarthrosis).

The Manumed T wrist brace reduces pain on movement. The thumb support holds the thumb's saddle joint and the joint at the base of thumb in a functional position, i.e. at the natural abduction angle. The fingers retain their full mobility thereby. 


Product benefits

  • Reduction of swelling and inflammation due to immobilisation of the wrist and thumb

Intended purpose

Manumed T is a wrist brace with thumb support used for immobilisation.


Standard colours

Material components

Aluminum, polyamide


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Medical specifications


For all indications which require immobilisation of the wrist with thumb support, such as:

  • Sprain on the wrist and/or thumb
  • Post-operative immobilisation of the wrist and thumb
  • Lesion of collateral ligament of the thumb basal joint
  • Tendonitis, tendosynovitis
  • Inflammatory phases for rheumatic conditions
  • Trapeziometacarpal osteoarthritis


  • Unstable fractures in the area of the hand

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