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Supporting Clinical Papers - Supporting Clinical Papers

MESI ABPI MD related:

  • Research and audit
    Research and audit 307 KB

    Reducing variation in leg ulcer assessment and management using quality improvement methods

UCS Debridement related:

  • Wounds UK
    Wounds UK 342 KB

    The role of surfactants in mechanical debridement - by Trudie Young

  • 866 KB

    Effective debridement can be achieved in a busy clinic environment

  • 932 KB

    Cost efficacy of using Juxta CURES™ and UCS™ debridement cloths

  • 1 MB

    Demystifying debridement and wound cleansing

  • 1 MB

    How wound cleansing and debriding aids management and healing

Juxtacures related:

  • 959 KB

    An alternative to compression bandaging in venous leg ulcers

  • 1 MB

    Appropriate compression is necessary to prevent recurrence in venous leg ulceration

  • 1 MB

    Innovative compression therapy systems can improve practice

  • 777 KB

    Cost efficacy of using Juxta CURES™ and UCS™ debridement cloths

  • 1,002 KB

    Meeting the challenges of delivering leg ulcer services

  • 1 MB

    Using an adjustable compression system to treat community leg ulcers

  • Juxta CURES
    Juxta CURES 1 MB

    Juxta CURES: An innovative method of providing compression for leg ulcer management

  • JCN Supplement
    JCN Supplement 8 MB

    Cleanse and compress — unique combinations to treat venous leg ulceration The clinician and patient perspective

Juxtafit & juxtalite related:

  • 1 MB

    Use of Juxta-Fit™ to reduce oedema and promote self-management

  • Juxta-Fit
    Juxta-Fit 467 KB

    Juxta-Fit™ compression garments in lymphoedema management

  • 80 KB

    Use of pressure wraps in treating lymphoema in care

  • 1 MB

    juxtalite - a simple and effective solution to preventing recurrent venous leg ulcers

  • .pdf
    .pdf 176 KB

    Successful outpatient mgmt of lymphoedema with wraparound device

RAL Compression related:

  • 987 KB

    Treatment and prevention of recurrence of venous leg ulcers using RAL hosiery

BS Duomed Soft related:

  • 3 MB

    The use of compression hosiery in mixed aetiology ulceration and palliative care

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