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PDFs & Ebooks

Useful medi materials

This page contains useful information to download including the following material -

  • FP10/GP10 Prescription section - measurement charts (size charts), formulary guides and eBooks, referral pads to aid prescribing.
  • Vascular & Lymphology eBooks
  • Made-to-measure section - ordering and referral forms, measuring guides.
  • Posters - including CEAP chart, venous system poster and juxtacures in 4 easy steps.

FP10/GP10 Formulary Guide

FP10/GP10 Made-To-Measure

FP10 / GP10 Patient Referral Forms

Measurement Charts (Size Charts)

  • 108 KB

    Armsleeve and glove measurements

Vascular & Lymphology catalogues

  • medi product catalogue
    medi product catalogue 10 MB

    October 2015. Phlebology · Lymphology · circaid · Wound treatment · Thrombosis Prophylaxis · lipomed · Accessories

Made-to-measure made easy - Hospital & FP10/GP10 Guides

Made-to-measure order forms - NON FP10

Measuring guides for made-to-measure garments

Poster pdfs

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