medi hospital butler

Donning aid for clinical compression stockings

  • Gentle donning of clinical compression stockings
  • Time-saving and economical
  • Simple handling

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Donning aid for compression stockings

The patented donning aid for use day-to-day for hospital care and in the operating theatre. Adjustable diameter with hard paint finish coating.


Product benefits

  • Simple handling

  • Time-saving and economical

  • Pain-free donning of clinical compression stockings for the patient

  • Can also be used for lower leg injuries


Standard colours

Material components

Powder-coated steel tubing

Washing instructions

Disinfection of medi Hospital butler should be performed according to your national directive for chemo-thermal disinfection processes or the current RKI Directive (Robert Koch Institute, Berlin, Germany) for chemo-thermal disinfection processes (A/B) under the following preconditions:

All surfaces at the outside have to be wiped with a suitable surface disinfection solution. Please avoid solution to get in contact with the inner surface (no dipping bath).

medi Hospitalbutler is not suitable for any kind of sterilisation process.

Medical specifications

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