Medi Butler off: Doffing aid for compression stockings

medi easy Off

Doffing aid

  • Easy doffing of compression stockings
  • Ideal in case of back problems
  • Easy handling due to ergonomic shape

Taking off compression stockings in seconds

Taking off compression stockings made easy: with the medi Butler Off you can remove compression stockings in seconds, without any great effort and without straining your back. The medi Butler Off looks rather like a shoe horn with a long handle attached. It is also useful for putting on and taking off shoes. With the medi Butler Off, patients can easily take hold of the topband of the compression stocking and slip the stocking off their leg. It’s not only easy on the back, but also protects the topband and fabric of the compression stocking. It means you will be able to benefit from your therapeutic aids for longer. Please note when making your selection: the medi Butler Off is not suitable for use with mediven forte or flat knit compression stockings.


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