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UCS Debridement

Wound debridement cloth

  • For chronic and acute wounds
  • Safe and simple to use
  • Cleans and improves skin conditions

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Sterile, pre-moistened wound debridement cloth

Unique, convenient, safe system of care: UCS debridement is a pre-moistened single use cloth for effective wound debridement and cleaning of the surrounding leg area.

Physical debridement
Combining physical debridement with a wound cleansing solution

Wound cleansing is an important part of wound therapy, because only a clean wound can go on to heal. UCS Debridement is a sterile, ready-to-use debridement cloth for wound cleansing and the removal of barriers to healing, such as sloughy tissue and wound debris from the wound, wound edge and the surrounding skin.

The UCS debridement cloth is the perfect solution for chronic and acute wound bed management. Allowing you to combine 4 unique actions in one single application:

1. Debride

Physical debridement with unique loop technology allows for prompt and pain-free removal of non-viable tissue, dry skin, bio-burden and wound debris.

2. Clean
Deep cleaning and biofilm removal with Poloxamer 188 (1) - allows better penetration of other subsequent topical treatment such as antibiotic or anti-microbial preparations. UCS is the perfect product for biofilm management strategies due to its lasting effect aiding the prevention of biofilm reformation. 

3. Soften 
Softening stubborn necrosis/sloughy tissue and dry and hardened skin plaques with Allantoin (2) (a known keratolytic). This softening action even continues to work after debridement with UCS and helps to improve skin integrity.

4. Moisturise 
Gentle moisturising and anti-inflammatory affect to the wound bed and surrounding skin due to the Aloe Barbadensis in the active solution. 

Use a gentle, polishing action in the wound and surrounding skin. So simple to use, it is the perfect solution for self care as well as part of a therapeutic approach by a health care professional.

(1) Percival SL et al. Surfactants and their role in wound cleansing and biofilm management. J Wound Care 2017;26(11):680-690.
(2) Araújo LU et al. Profile of wound healing process induced by allantoin. Acta Cir Bras 2010;25(5): 460-6. Khatun S. Demystifying debridement and wound cleansing, Journal of Community Nursing 2016;30(2):26 -30.


Product benefits

  • Unique, convenient, safe way to clean the leg and wound: Soft debridement cloth pre-moisturised with a mild cleansing solution which moisturises and softens without damaging healthy cells

  • Treat the leg, improve the life

  • No need to add other solutions - pre-moistened cloth is all you need to address a wound

  • Save time and improve outcomes

  • Odour reduction

  • Self-care and supported self-care plans

  • Cleans and improves skin conditions

  • Safe and simple to use

How does it work?/Mode of action

UCS debridement is a class 2b sterile device that is recommended for use with chronic and acute wounds, ulcers of all types, pressure sores and 1st or 2nd degree burns. It acts immediately, does not inhibit granulation and is compatible with subsequent use of any type of dressing.

Why use UCS debridement?
Wound debridement at an early and appropriate stage is likely to accelerate wound healing and improve patient care. Effective debridement has been shown to be associated with reduced exudate, reduced odour and the appearance of granulation in the wound bed (Vowden & Vowden 2011).


Medical specifications


  • For use within the wound, peri-wound and surrounding skin.
  • For addressing biofilm.
  • Deep cleaning of wounds.
  • To treat hyperkeratosis.
  • Use a light polishing action.
  • Daily use recommended until significant improvement seen - usually within 7-10 days.
  • Useful in supported self-care.


  • There are no known contraindications.

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