The Game Changer OA knee Brace

The new Game Changer OA brace is changing the OA knee brace game
  • Left & Right one size
  • Extremely light weight
  • Low Profile
Product variety
Standard colours

Support for patients with various stages of knee osteoarthritis

The Game Changer represents a step change in the provision of OA braces. Just one size in left, and the same in right, means you will have a one-size-fits-most solution that is ready to go from your stock. Extremely lightweight and very low profile, The Game Changer provides support for patients with various stages of knee osteoarthritis.

Product features
  • Our slim fitting brace design can be used under trousers or shorts. 
  • Start with 30 minutes on day one and gradually increasing the brace wear time to allow body to adjust to the brace.
All stages of knee osteoarthritis
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