Mediven harmony: compression stockings for the arm

mediven harmony®

Round knit sleeve

  • Innovative knit, fewer wrinkles at the elbow
  • Good freedom of movement
  • Comfortable to wear

The perfect balance between softness and pressure

The innovative round knit sleeve mediven harmony offers you the best possible therapy. You will be able to feel the perfect balance between the soft fabric and effective pressure. Two ellipses are integrated in the bend of the elbow and at the elbow for high comfort in wear. These ensure more freedom of movement and improved well-being in daily life.


Product benefits

  • Innovative knit with effective pressure

  • Double ellipses in the bend of the elbow and at the elbow for extra comfort

  • Comfortable topband for a firm hold

  • Machine washable at 40°C and dryer-proof

  • Latex-free

  • Lanolin for a natural moisture balance


Standard colours


  • Armsleeve
  • Hand piece


Medical specifications

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