mediven® cotton

Unique organic cotton, below knee, compression stocking
  • Uniquely organic cotton
  • Sustainably sourced
  • Thermoregulating effect
Product variety
Standard colours
Compression classes
CCL 1:
51% Polyamide with a recycled content of 60%, 22% Elastane, 22% organic cotton
CCL 2:
46% Polyamide with a recycled content of 60%, 27% Elastane, 22% organic cotton
Below-knee stocking

mediven cotton: The first medical compression stocking with organic cotton and recycled polyamide

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“Feel the difference. Make a difference”: mediven cotton is a round knit medical compression stocking with 27 percent organic cotton. The product caters for a variety of conditions (indications) for men and women:

  • chronic venous disease stages I to III according to Widmer or C0s – C4 according to CEAP
  • initial phase following varicose therapy
  • congestion problems and oedema during pregnancy
  • postoperative reperfusion oedema
  • post-traumatic, postoperative, occupational, medicinally induced oedema
  • oedema due to immobility
  • superficial venous thrombosis
  • deep leg vein thrombosis
  • condition after thrombosis, post-thrombotic syndrome
  • thrombosis prophylaxis in mobile patients
  • Inflammatory dermatoses of the legs
  • nausea and dizziness in pregnancy

Due to the material, the fit and product characteristics we recommend mediven cotton for regular to overweight persons with light to heavy tendency to venous oedema. mediven cotton is also suitable for patients with soft connective tissue and sensitive or allergic skin.

Feel the difference: Optimum combination of natural and functional fibres.

The organic fibre is noticeably soft against the skin. This provides a particularly high level of comfort. The functional fibres ensure a thermoregulating effect: cooling at higher temperatures and isolating warm in cold weather.

The natural organic cotton is particularly soft - and is therefore suitable for sensitive and allergic skin. This has been dermatologically tested 1 for mediven cotton and given top marks.

Make a difference: Organic cotton and recycled materials – responsibility for people and the environment

For the compression stocking mediven cotton, we rely on GOTS-certified organic cotton 2 and GRS-certified recycled polyamide yarn 3. These are internationally leading standards with high ecological and social requirements - for consideration of resources and the environment. The materials used have each also been OEKO-TEX certified 4. The focus is on transparency, trust and an important step towards more sustainability.

1 Epicutaneous test for sensitive skin by the independent dermatological institute Dermatest®, epicutaneous test for allergic skin by the independent dermatological institute Dermatest®
2 Yarn used in mediven cotton is GOTS-certified by the yarn supplier; GOTS = Global Organic Textile Standard (
3 Yarn used in mediven cotton is GRS-certified by the yarn supplier; GRS = Global Recycled Standard (
4 Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX; Standard 100 GMO by OEKO-TEX; Standard 100 recycled materials by OEKO-TEX

Product features
  • Genuine organic cotton directly on the skin - lined on the inside of the stocking
  • Polyamide yarn with a recycled content of 60 percent - for an effective and resource-saving compression
  • Thermoregulating effect - cooling in hot temperatures and warming in cold weather
  •  Dermatologically tested by Dermatest - ideal compression solution for sensible or allergic skin
  •  Opaque look
  •  Soft organic cotton on the inside - eases donning
Intended purpose

Round-knit medical compression stocking used for compression of the lower extremities, mainly for the treatment of disorders of the venous system.



  • Chronic venous disease stages C0s – C4 according to CEAP
  • Initial phase following varicose therapy
  • Congestion problems and oedema during pregnancy
  • Postoperative reperfusion oedema
  • Post-traumatic, postoperative,
  • occupational, medicinally induced oedema
  • Oedema due to immobility
  • Superficial venous thrombosis
  • Condition after thrombosis, postthrombotic syndrome
  • Thrombosis prophylaxis in mobile patients
  • Inflammatory dermatoses of the legs

*Selecting the ideal compression stockings
depends on the indication and the individual
needs of the patients.


Medical compression clothing may not be worn if the patient has the following conditions:

  • advanced peripheral arterial occlusive disease
  • decompensated heart diseases (NYHA III + IV)
  • septic phlebitis
  • Phlegmasia coerulea dolens

In the following instances, the therapeutic decision should be made by weighing up the benefits and risks and by selecting the most suitable compressive equipment:

  • concomitant dermatoses
  • intolerance to compression stocking fabric
  • sensory disturbances of the limb
  • advanced peripheral neuropathy
  • primary chronic arthritis
Donning a medical compression stocking with closed toe
Size table
Circumferences in cmcC28 - 3430 - 3733 - 4035 - 4337 - 4639 - 4941 - 51
cB18 - 2020 - 2222 - 2424 - 2626 - 2828 - 3030 - 32
Length in cmlD (AD)34 - 3839 - 44
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